@007lva I find the red circle behind the text hard to read.

@007lva You talk about pure functions, yet it seems to me like some aspects of Hanami are not pure, e.g. `Hanami.application.routes` is global state?

@007lva On slide 61, you use `def handle` but I was under the impression based on earlier slides this should be something like `def call`?

@007lva I generally like the presentation, I'd like to see a tiny bit more technical details about what Hanami brings to the table, e.g. the owl example is nice, but what are the technical implications of that metaphor? I also think the backgrounds are sometimes a bit noisy making the text hard to read. It was nice to hear that you are targeting Ruby as a whole, and it would be nice to see how that works - e.g. how the gems work together. Nice work so far!

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