From the Netherlands 🇳🇱, so don't be surprised to read een paar posts in het Nederlands.

I'm a data scientist working on SaaS solutions in the green tech world (from Paris).

My background is in Econometrics and Operations Research but I have been a passionate programmer since the age of 12 (using PHP).

Frequently used tech:

Web development: Ruby on Rails and FastAPI.
Data Engineering: AWS S3, AWS SNS/SQS, Zarr and Apache Arrow.
Data Science: TensorFlow, Pandas, Numpy, Ggplot2.
Deployment: Docker, AWS Lambda/EC2/ECS, Serverless, Traefik

Embracing this movement away from centralised tech. This is me wishing for Mastodon to get traction.

A Mastodon instance for Rubyists & friends