Been learning Ruby for the past week and it's pretty cool! Still trying to figure out how to use hashes though. Any tips for a beginner would be welcome! :D

Whenever I create a migration in Rails, this is what I use to run it:

alias mi='rake db:migrate db:rollback && rake db:migrate && RAILS_ENV=test rake db:migrate'

Ensures that your migration is reversible + migrates your dev and test DB in one go

not sure if you guys have come across this tool before - really handy!

guys do you recomend gorails for learning specific features of rails? so far I've seen the youtube channels and have picked up a few tips but wondering what the community use/recommend - thanks

Hello everyone! I work 9-5 as data scientist/developer. Currently re-discovering Ruby and RoR. Going through the well grounded Rubyst and Effective Testing with RSpec 3.

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