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Hello everyone! I program in Ruby as a hobby; I don't do it professionally, but I love learning from people who do. I got into Ruby from RPG Maker VX Ace, and branched out from there!

Looking for recommendations for a web site / gallery that I can set up for a family member -- ideally on cheap shared hosting, something minimalistic but user friendly.

Obviously is an option. It will be low-traffic but WP just seems heavyweight for this use case. I'm not too familiar with what else is out there.

Please boost :)

I know I'm in a bit of a bubble but since the whole thing that got me into #ruby development was to contribute to #diaspora I was shocked when no one I talked to at #rubyconf has heard of #mastodon and the one person that heard of #diaspora thought it died a long time ago. I knew we had work to do on getting the #fediverse profile bumped up but still shocked at the lack of awareness of it here. Going to put my thinking cap on on this topic...

There’s not nearly enough RubyConf activity on this here Mastodon. I might have to reserve a Lightning talk spot just to say “hey, get on!”

In the Biltmore Bowl! I can’t wait to see Matz in the flesh! I know that makes me a nerd but I have no shame.

I have a few apps with Lua scripting support, and Lua looks an awful lot like Ruby at a glance. Is there a shared history there?

I've been journaling a lot lately. I could never really get into it, but for some reason now it's clicking. Keeping track of my day-to-day thoughts has oddly enough helped me with my code, since now I write about what I want to try or work on in advance.

I guess it kind of acts like a blueprint.

Anyone know of a good set of betting rules for fights? I am trying to work the fight into an encounter/puzzle that involves the whole party. With them manipulating odds, bribing officials, having to deal with the local mob. All the stuff you see in movies like Snatch.

Not just a, "go around the table & have each character do a skill challenge for their action for the day" from Xanathars.

Finally back on my ADHD medicine. It feels so good to be able to focus on something for more than a few minutes!

I may or may not be excited about .

Anyone have any suggestions for what should go on this list?

(This is a native app built with btw 🎉🎉... it runs at 60 FPS even when rendering 200 + sprites)

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Are there any FOSS hex editors that are a) good and b) available for Windows?

Question - do you keep your YARD docs as part of your remote repository (e.g. GitHub, etc), or do you add those to your .gitignore?

Update on earlier RubyConf proclamation -- apparently right after I told my wife about it, she decided to find a way to somehow get me to RubyConf as an anniversary present.

So, my wife is awesome, is what I'm saying.

Once upon a time I inherited a project where I didn't have any way to contact the original people who wrote it. This is a sample of what the commit messages looked like. Obviously they had fun together, but for me it was painful.

"Hey, RubyConf! I've never even looked into going, I wonder how much it would be?"

"... well, I guess I'm not going to RubyConf!"

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