I've been journaling a lot lately. I could never really get into it, but for some reason now it's clicking. Keeping track of my day-to-day thoughts has oddly enough helped me with my code, since now I write about what I want to try or work on in advance.

I guess it kind of acts like a blueprint.

@BadMinotaur do you use any specific app? Do you organize your thoughts or just dump them there while the day goes on?

@pedrogaspar I haven't gotten into electronic journaling (yet), but right now I write in my Midori MD notebook with a variety of fountain pens. If you're ever looking for a decent graph-lined notebook, that's a great one.

I usually end up writing somewhere at the end of the day. I lead with what's on my mind, and then talk about how the day went, and lastly I'll usually sprinkle in some thoughts about goals or whatever I want to do in the next day or two.

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