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It astounds me how many websites allow their SSL certificates to expire. Either that, or Chrome is *really* picky about what it looks for in SSL certificates.

So I'm finally getting off my arse and learning and how to more efficiently use my tablet. This is tonight's sketch!

My non-Ruby thought of the day -- it feels really awesome to use fountain pens.

Do we still need an Apple machine to submit apps to the App Store these days?

I'm making a gem manually my first go-round before using Bundler, just so I can see how it all works. I have a question -- what extra files is it common to include? Do I include the Readme in the gem? How about the tests?

I never in a million years that I'd be talking about ruby at one of the most prestigious ruby events. Especially coming from a C#/.Net background. Ruby's impact on my life is monumental, and I'm forever grateful to it.

Did you install EFF's brilliant Privacy Badger or any other smart HTTP Cookie management tool? Or did you simply pick the privacy preference in your browser that ignores all third-party cookies? Did many websites you visit annoy you with permission-to-use-cookies pop-ups because of European legislation?

Guess what, it's all been useless.

@BadMinotaur Notes from when I was learning Ruby way back in the day:

- Other names for a Ruby “singleton class”: anonymous class, eigenclass, object-specific class, virtual class. Kind of a Ruby internal thing IMO: I never really used it.
- a Ruby “singleton class” (so, a Ruby internal thing) is totally different from the widespread “Singleton Pattern” that you can find in OO languages such as Java & Ruby. Classes following this design pattern are called singleton classes. Hence the confusion

@BadMinotaur People use "singleton class" and "eigenclass" to mean the same thing in Ruby. However, "singleton" is also a well-known design pattern, so probably what they mean is that a Ruby eigenclass is different from a class that implements the singleton pattern.

So, re: eigenclass. From what I understand it refers to the hidden Class instance inside the heart of every Ruby object. It is often used in place of “singleton class” but I’ve seen it said in various places that a singleton class and an eigenclass are two different things.

Anyone experienced in unofficial Ruby nomenclature want to weigh in?

For an area that was supposed to be in the path of a hurricane, it's remarkably clear outside.

TIL that "singleton classes" used to be referred to as "eigenclasses." Huh. :ruby:

i remember a few years ago when you could be friends with people without caring if they were left or right, no one paid attention to it, people got along

now it seems like everyone hates each other's guts to no end and even trying to be friends with both sides puts you on so many people's naughty list

I'm working on documenting my Ruby project, but I documented it in RDoc syntax at first, then found out about YARD, so now I'm re-writing it... I think I'll release it without tests at first and make producing tests a goal, just so I can get something out the door.

I might actually release a Ruby project in the next few days... it'd be the first complete thing I've made in years. I'm writing the docs now and going to be writing tests soon... kind of excited! :ruby:

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