I am struggling to become a Ruby, JS developer later in life. It's been harder than I thought to rearrange my life to make room for this change. Any one out there have any tips? I'd love to find a solid mentor.

@Hooper I'm happy to help you out. What's challenging you at the moment?

@ahawkins Thanks!! At this very moment I'm trying to wrap my head around Arel and Active Record...chaining these queries across relations, etc.

@ahawkins Not a lot of clear documentation on Arel that I can find.

@Hooper What is your background in (tech or non-tech)? Any particular parts that are difficult? How are you trying to learn?

@robotdeathsquad I have an old CompSci degree I earned back in 1993. But after that, I went into a different field and became a hobbyist. I've build a lot of websites and done some Wordpress hacking, but now really want to up my game.

@Hooper follow your interests and try to link your hobbies together, niches are often a good way to build experience in a field you know and sometimes also get traction from a dedicated user base.
Be patient.
Find a way to stay focused. Mine is the pomodoro technique, but whatever works for you.

@ngw Much thanks. Focus is the biggest challenge - I have a lot of things in life that I blocking things out and focusing is hard...thanks for the reminder!

@Hooper If you could eliminate or ease any three struggles, what would they be?

@coloradobum That's actually a really good question. I serve on two non profit boards - a legacy of my previous career - and I probably should give one of those up. Other things in my life are harder to give up....but I should think hard about what is really adding value to my life.

@Hooper I hear you, it's a constant battle keeping everything in my life balanced as well.

Are you ultimately looking for a ruby job with a company or would you prefer to do freelance work?

@coloradobum well, i live in rural northern Vermont, so I'd like to work remotely...ideally, I'd like to start with a company that has a strong remote culture and also develops people well....a learning culture.

@Hooper I am on the same boat - re-learning ruby and RoR. Decided to leave JS for later. Currently going through The Well-Grounded Rubyst and rspec. Spending 1-2hrs a day consistenly has helped me a lot. with work/family commitment is difficult to do more than that but the key for me has been "consistency"

@Hooper Well the switch to JS has not taken a toll on me as much as the switch to Java. It's PAINFUL

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