Jedes mal bin ich irritiert, wenn ich am "spicy vienna soup"-Werbeschild vorbeilaufe.

Das ist ne Kartoffelsuppe mit Wienerle...

Kurze Pause auf dem Rückweg nach Hause. Mal wieder ne kleine Fahrradtour...

My least favorite part of fedi is when people are being complete morons in a conversation about science, because they're utterly captured by divisive propaganda and thinking almost exclusively in false dichotomies. The world is way too complex for only two opposite, radical viewpoints to exist on any and all subjects.

@Gargron Can I follow peopel from on Mastodon instances?

Pretty excited about how the house project is coming together. We have 12 co-owners on board now! I'm on Sicily at the moment; hopefully getting the deed tomorrow, or early next week. Then some basic renovations, then turning the place into a hacker paradise.

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