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@typhlosion At least Ruby has an "extended regex" mode, where you can insert nonsignificant whitespace and comments (enabled with the /x flag IIRC)

part of why regexes feel like dark magic to a lot of people is that they look like symbol vomit. you could probably make them a lot more usable if you made them more verbose... somehow made it easier to insert nonsignificant whitespace and comments...

ooh, maybe you could package it in a nifty little functional programming style syntax and extend its functionality a little bit...

wait, i just invented parser combinators again

in der bahn sitzen sie und schauen talk shows
in den talk shows schauen sie irgendwie keine streams von bahnfahrern
leichte asymmetrie - S. Reich, heute

i have a friend in russia who seeks asylum cause he almost was stabbed 2 weeks ago. if you now a way to fly him out hmu at Twitter

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