Trying to tame -emacs, still no luck. Couldn’t make GUI work. It works without and other packages, don’t know why. I think, It will ended with vanilla with bare minimum number of packages which I need. During different steps of installation vanilla showed up several times. It’s so blazing fast compare to my average setup.

Sunday’s evening. Stormcloacks or legion? Can’t decide.

Try to deploy and start second Phoenix app to Ubuntu server with identical edeliver config. Damn, it’s starts, but not listens 4000 port as expected. Spent full yesterday to find solution - no luck. Angry.

My next venture might be my most (only) successful business ever - a service that will write you bespoke, just-in-time "IS RAILS/RUBY DEAD!(?)" blog posts. For an extra charge we'll schedule several posts over however many months. Want a new one every 3 months? OKAY!

Our guarantee - front page of HN every time.

"The code you write makes you a programmer. The code you delete makes you a good one. The code you don't have to write makes you a great one." - Mario Fusco

Social networks, identity vs belonging, abuse 

Some of the most intolerant people are also marginalized.

The truth is that some people look at identity as a tribe. Anyone not in the tribe, even if by sticking out a little is an enemy.

Some abused people go on and become abusers themselves.

It is common that those people then justify hatred, abuse and harassment by calling it self-defense.

Being marginalized and being a kind person are two different things. You have to work hard for the latter.

So Mastodon dog piled another user off the platform by creating so many bullshit abuse reports, the instance admin finally banned the user's account not because the user broke any rules but because defending a single user's right to use the platform became too much work.

But we can't have full text search or quote boosts because *that* would lead to abuse...

Good job, guys.

I'm not happy with how the Wil Wheaton situation was resolved. An admin was overwhelmed with frivolous reports about him and felt forced to exile him. I've said before that I think it sets a dangerous precedent on how a large group of people can mobilize to drive anyone off the fediverse. Mob rule is universally dangerous: Mods and admins must examine evidence and decide based on wrongdoing and danger, and not on how many times someone was reported.

i remember a few years ago when you could be friends with people without caring if they were left or right, no one paid attention to it, people got along

now it seems like everyone hates each other's guts to no end and even trying to be friends with both sides puts you on so many people's naughty list Hi, Josh! Thank you for inviting!

I’m in ruby for about a year and a half. Moved to web development from management position in sales. Never regret about this. Currently working in air flights aggregator in Russia.

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