@Lyosha I love JetBrains tools. They are magnificent. The price is the problem. I find it expensive.

@ljgww_rb @Lyosha nothing wrong with an IDE, IMHO; whatever you can be productive in!

And on the same note, I think any tool that makes you more productive is worth spending money on if necessary.

@james @ljgww_rb My coworkers use Rubimine and have very good opinion about it. But some of them use vscode with additions and customized spacemacs me included. A lot of nice ide-features for ruby development already implemented in spacemacs. If you looking for completely free ide-experience for ruby development, i think, spacemacs could be suitable for you. Learning curve is quite steep but rewarding.

@Lyosha @james I am quite OK with VSCode too - its not really IDE but it is very close for some functions (e.g. syntax highlight, git ops, running the code). VScode runs on two systems that I currently use the most (Win and Lin). I sweared to myself around 2012 that I will successfully ignore Macs in spite that I happily used them for good 2 decades. I amnog giving them a dime more.
If VSCode continue to be friendly as it currently is, it may suck in all significant development.

@Lyosha @james it was easier than expected. Compiled, installed, run. Looks like working.
Switching mode (changing hat) from builder to explorer.

@Lyosha @james spacemacs installation failed. In worst case scenario I will still have working emacs (original)

@james yea some components that are installed later failed. And overall it gives feeling of half working.

@james seems that I managed to install it with no errors (worked out differently, so cannot be 100% sure is working as expected). But what I got at the end is 100% unintuitive for me - still suspecting something may be wrong.

@james on restart. Nope. It does not work. Reports same errors on startup.
Some components seem to require Emacs v25 (i installed 24.5.1 according to documentation v24 shall work).
I will try to remove it.
Just read your message. Vim is not editor of my choice, I know to go around it for some 3 decades but I use it only if I must.

@james I am giving up for tonight. Will try to go one version up and see again if I manage to make it working.
Thank you for being there.

@ljgww_rb @james Try to go through installation process precisely as it describe in readme in spacemacs github. I had problems with installation first time too. As you mentioned that vim is not your cup of tea - don't check evil-mode in the beginning when spacemacs start first time. If you send me dm with your email - I'll send you good book about emacs to begin with. Regarding errors - you definitely should try last emacs version: github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs/

@Lyosha @james Installed emacs 25.3.1 and then spacemacs configuration. Everything seems working except that it complains about font (SourceCodePro) not being available. Provided link leads to a github that provides a font that can be installed, I installed and works in other editors except in spacemacs - reason - font has different internal name so I guess spacemacs does not see it hence complain.
First impression: It killed menu from the top. And, I have absolutely no idea how to use it.

@ljgww_rb @james you could change your settings in .spacemacs config file. (You could add font there.) To open it inside spacemacs press space-f-e-d. Main concepts of using emacs are in the book.

@Lyosha @james that space whatever thing does not work for me. I press space, it gets typed....

@Lyosha first screen is readonly nothing happens when I type. I can switch to scratch buffer and get stuck there. I type space, it gets typed....

@ljgww_rb it looks like you are in evil mode (vim-style editing). go to .spacemacs and change line dotspacemacs-editing-style 'vim to 'emacs. it's about 119-120 or so

@Lyosha here it is
;; One of `vim', `emacs' or `hybrid'.
;; `hybrid' is like `vim' except that `insert state' is replaced by the
;; `hybrid state' with `emacs' key bindings. The value can also be a list
;; with `:variables' keyword (similar to layers). Check the editing styles
;; section of the documentation for details on available variables.
;; (default 'vim)
dotspacemacs-editing-style 'emacs

according to this I am already in emacs mode.


@ljgww_rb if so, I think it's time for some emacs tutorial or the book 😀 . some keys for starters - gist.github.com/robphoenix/9e4

about menu - github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs/

about last question - yes, i think

@Lyosha I think I am stupid. As mentioned before. When I hit space, it gets typed.... it does not do any commands. But thank you for the list. It will come handy as quick ref i guess (when I switch from spacemacs to emacs classic)

@ljgww_rb after you press space, do you see menu on the bottom?

@Lyosha No i do not get any menu. Space gets typed on screen.

@Lyosha on the other hand, this is normal in like 99% of editors I used. You type space, you get space 😀

@ljgww_rb o, I see, it's emacs mode, not evil-vim mode. instead of space use ctrl-x.

@Lyosha ahhhh some menu :) Ctrl-X works let me go around.
Any other hint is welcome!

@ljgww_rb I think it was the main one. see the book, I really enjoyed it, a lot of useful info about emacs there. spacemacs added some nice integrations, but it's emacs in it's core, so, quite everything about emacs is valid for spacemacs.

@Lyosha Thank you for the book - I will read it surely. Already glimpsed thru it. It is not beginner friendly - but probably it is friendlier than anything else I have read so far about the subject.

You know, I have read by now thousands of books, texts and manuals about programming and only few books will explain to people how program is structured (that source code is actually a set of lines that get parsed and executed/compiled in sequence). All programmers will say this is obvious. Its not.

@ljgww_rb I full-time work as a ruby developer over a year and only now read some in-depth things about how ruby actually work. It's not easy, you right.

@Lyosha it is not obvious for ones that do not know anything about programming.

Like this I see classic unix editors. I know about them for years (and decades) but I always seen them to be unfriendly. And they are - they can be powerful as hell and productive as steam machine - but this is nothing in comparison to be friendly.

I am not saying I do not want to learn. On the contrary. I will find my way around, but If I step on something friendlier I will move on.

@Lyosha another example. I learned AWK relatively recently. I have been ignoring it for years. Just because there was situation tha pushed me to - I learned it and helped my colleagues with their work, I helped myself with my work. I made lessons to teach everyone around me to use it and said - do not learn it and do not use it at your own peril and loss.
AWK is not so good. I can think of better variant today. But it is a tool that is useful since 1977 and still works - that is by now 41 years!

@ljgww_rb 😂 I can't even imaging for what porpoise you have to learn AWK. Of cause I didn't now about it except you mentioned it and then I google it 😄

@Lyosha AWK? It was simple request, we had to automate something on AIX that had absolutely noting else installed except Java in means of programming (not even a C compiler). And we could not ask for something else to be installed. But AWK was there sitting to be employed. So we used it, I learned it in 2-3 days. And you'd figure out that you already know half of it already !!!

@ljgww_rb I switch from atom-sublime-vscode to spacemas about a year ago and did not regret at all. for my point of view it's a solid investing in productivity. And I personally like the fact it's completely free, it was free and will remain free even after my death. I like things with lasts 😄 .

@Lyosha I have Atom installed at work. Used it 3 times. Sublime i tried once and never again (and it was something you need to buy I believe). It was not that good to fork money for it. VScode I use sporadically for exotic programming languages or to check some C#.net code when I do not feel firing VisualStudio and need to see some piece of code. But mostly on windows I use Notepad++ and currently this is the most friendly editor by far for all side work (missing it on Linux). On Linux....

@Lyosha .... I tried almost anything that can be installed, compiled, hacked.
Did not find ideal one.
There are few good ones though some of them work in browser.

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