After updating to MacOS 10.15.6, Whalebird from the App Store can't login to any Mastodon instance. Whalebird installed via Homebrew works fine. I hate computers.

I would write something about the fascist takeover of Portland by unidentified Trumpista forces, but the sound of jackboots approaching is too loud for me to think properly.

I'm looking forward to the day when Trump's orange fake-tan complexion nicely matches the color of his prison jumpsuit.

Welcome to America, where political leadership literally comes from Wal-Mart. I'm embarassed.

So now this administration says the CDC isn't the right place to collect data on coronavirus hospitalizations, and instead will put it in a new database, not open to researchers, at the political level.

Vote these dolts out of office.

I feel like "Protests against wearing facemasks during a deadly global pandemic" should be somewhere on the list of "tell-tale warning signs of a failed state."

So now Donald Trump and Betsy Devos want to literally KILL CHILDREN for political gain.

I no longer think there is any tipping point that will cause their base to revolt. This saddens and disgusts me.

So now the President is explicitly tweeting support for the Confederate flag. Sad but not surprised.

It's increasingly clear that you simply cannot open bars and expect to keep coronavirus spread under control. I'm pretty sure most of the US will choose bars in that situation, and the hell with collateral damage.

Fireworks were even worse than in past years. And by "worst" I mean industrial-strength shit all up and down the block in driveways. These people aren't going to stop until they kill someone or burn down a house. Judging by screams last night while the dog was cowering under the bed, there were already injuries.

Reading the accounts of Trump's 4th of July speech. Comparisons with Hitler seem less far-fetched all the time. This man is a menace who needs to be resoundingly defeated at the polls in November. Vote, donate, do your part.

Worldwide reported COVID-19 cases are now rising by well over a million a week. Happy 2020, y'all.

10 million global cases. 2.5 million US cases. Half a million global deaths.

Trump on the golf course. Nothing to see here, move along.

Offensive stupidity du jour: "At an anti-mask rally Wednesday, a member of the Scottsdale City Council, Republican Guy Phillips, shouted the dying words of George Floyd — “I can’t breathe” — before ripping off his mask"

Google News thinks I should read an article titled "The Agile Family Meeting"

Just ... don't.

So the Trump administration is now foaming at the mouth about how foreign powers will use mail-in ballots to rig the election. Does anyone not think this is a prelude to them attempting to declare the election null and void and stay in office on an (unending) emergency basis?

June 20, idiots in this neighborhood are setting off fireworks earlier than ever this year. It's going to be a long month.

No retailiatory tweetstorm after the Emptysburg Address yet. I wonder whether Trump is deciding who to blame & fire, plotting his next move, or simply setting into motion the contingency plans to cancel the election.

A sentence I never in my life expected to read in the New York Times: "K-pop stans have been getting increasingly involved in American politics in recent months."

No doubt Trump will blame the Democrats and the press, and lie about the crowd size at the Tulsa rally, but maybe, just MAYBE, people are starting to see through his shit.

That's no excuse for complacency, though. We still have to organize and vote to get this dolt out of the White House and into a Federal penitentiary where he belongs.

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