Fuck every single thing about this architecture. Proof positive that $famous_rails_developer had a learning curve early in their career, just like the rest of us mortals.

Amazon just sent me marketing for "The best new romances in October." This is what happens when historical novels are your secret vice.

Must be fall. Finally had to turn the heat on in the house.

I used to think one advantage of being born in 1959 was that I'd be dead before the technocrats could completely screw things up.

Now I'm not so sure.

When the manager tells the team that a feature must be delivered by a particular deadline and starts assigning work to team members, it doesn't matter how many standups and retros you conduct, you're not doing agile.

I would think this is blindingly obvious but I guess not.

Life sucks and then you're a two-career family.

I'm sure there are people out there who die happy that they spent their lives working, without deathbed regrets. But nobody writes TED Talks about them.

Running into some parts of the organization I think should be swept clean and rebooted. But I don't have the political clout to advocate for this (yet?). A quandry.

Taking a mandated PTO day today. This absolutely positively sucks.

I'd be happy to vote straight Democratic in the midterms, if there were any Democrats running here with acceptable gun-control positions. Unfortunately in Indiana all we have is Republicans in disguise. I won't vote for people who aren't strongly against dead children. Period.

Discussing Marfan's Syndrome with my offspring. As you do.

If I ever _really_ understand all the nuances of database locking, I will rule the world.

Watching Disk Utility find all sorts of problems with a USB hard drive. I should have just reformatted the damned thing.

You know, if I never saw another cute airbrushed drop shadow on my OS that would be just fine with me.

On the one hand, I want to promote Mastodon to my Twitter followers as a more humane place to connect.

On the other, if everyone shows up, this will be just as toxic as any other social network.

(Yeah, I know, decentralized, personal choice, etc. I don't underestimate the ability of people to crap on any good idea and ruin it for everyone.)

Does anyone in the US sell a pre-loaded Pi-hole? Yeah yeah, open source, DIY, bla bla bla, but I have more money than time these days.

As for the job: We’re looking for someone who knows Rails but doesn’t think a database is just an Excel spreadsheet in a fancy box


Opened Twitter just long enough to add a job posting today. Closed it because, as has been the case all week, there were multiple vitriolic Tweets on the first page of TweetDeck.

I follow people from all over the political map, by the way. The hatred appears to come equally from all directions.

Cleaning up a zillion browser tabs, as I usually do on Saturday mornings. Fresh Cup was spotty last week due to other pressures, but it'll be back this coming week.

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