If you stack dishes in the dishwasher so tichtly that water can't get between them, they won't come clean. Why is this not obvious to teenagers?

I don't care how many software manager blog entries I read, "ask" is not, and never will be, a noun.

Multiple setbacks for President Trump today in courts, Congress, public opinion. Almost enough to make me hope that this country might finally be coming to its senses.

Trying to figure out which country will accept a 60-year-old immigrant if the next US election is a win for Trump, as looks increasingly likely.

I've got one computer where the Firefox bookmarks menu insists on collapsing on every restart, instead of remembering state. No idea what I've configured differently there, but it's annoying as all get out.


Screw you, Apple. Time to get the heck out of this increasingly-walled garden.

Members of Congress can't be impeached, you fucking nitwit.

It'd be nice if LinkedIn stopped recommending that I connect with people at previous shitty jobs who were complete assholes.

The best thing about Monday is that now perhaps I can put last week's shitstorm of a failed plan safely behind me.

Double Shot #2445

I don’t like your web browser, so I programmed a new one. - There are alternatives if you try hard enough.
Analyzing DNS-over-HTTPS And DNS-over-TLS Privacy and Security Claims - An explainer that walks through the main issues.
A developer goes to a DevOps conference - Sort of an Alice in Wonderland experience.
Do we need to rethink what free software is? - Continuing the conversation about limiting who can use your software.
DevOps Topologies - Patterns and antipatterns of team collaboration.
Why Blameless Post-mortems? - Why it's useful to start with looking behind the person who pushed the button.
A year (+½) with Hanami in production: the Good, the Bad and some Recipes - Rails is not the only framework out there.
Event Modeling: What is it? - An introduction to designing ledger systems.
Sidekiq v6.0.1 Release Notes - With a 10-15% performance boost, among other things.
DeckDeckGo - "DeckDeckGo aims to be the open source web editor for presentations."
Update: Approaching IPv4 Run-out - RIPE expects to run out next month.

Double Shot #2444

What's new in Interactive Ruby Shell (IRB) with Ruby 2.7 - Syntax highlighting, multi-line editing, and more.
On Sharding - It's not always as simple as it seems.
Deep Learning with Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems - A good introduction - but being in the healthcare software field, I would have liked to see the words "privacy", "safety," and "quality" somewhere in here. There's a qualitative difference between recognizing cat pictures and working with people's lives.
Developer Burnout: How Can a Manager Spot It and Stop It - An overview with thoughts from some working software managers.
Conveyor - "The first service to place task management on top of your local Git workflow, blending project management, code, and communication into one experience."
Beware the dark side of agile project management - There might be a truly agile enterprise with a PMO, but I haven't actually seen it.
ServerLog - " A simple, practical, and innovative Node.js log library that enables you to view logs in Chrome dev tools."
Modern Script Loading - This modern JS stuff ain't getting any easier.
API Security Checklist - "Checklist of the most important security countermeasures when designing, testing, and releasing your API."

Double Shot #2443

JMAP - The modern alternative to IMAP.
The Hippocratic License - A shot at an open source license that explicitly values human rights. Bad actors will likely ignore it, but I'm happy to see these discussions happening. Not surprisingly, the open-source establishment is pooh-poohing the whole idea.
What Happened To Cuil? The Thought-To-Be Google Killer - A bit of internet history you've probably forgotten.
HTTP Toolkit - Tools for inspecting and mocking HTTP responses with free & pro versions.
WARP is here (sorry it took so long) - Cloudflare's secure connection option for mobile devices.
Centralised DoH is bad for privacy, in 2019 and beyond and Firefox and DNS-over-HTTPS - Firefox defaulting to DNS over HTTP single-sourced to Cloudflare is proving to be a controversial decision.
Getting Started with the Sorbet Type Checker in Rails - This feels like the top of a slippery slope to Java-in-Ruby to me, but I'm sure it'll be good for some projects.
Building a Rails CI pipeline with GitHub Actions - It's either a nice bonus for your existing repo, or vendor lock-in, or embrace&extend, take your pick.
What do executives do, anyway? - Scaling to thousands of indirect reports.

Double Shot #2442

Cleaning up bad bots (and the climate) - Cloudflare is trying to make it more expensive to hit the sites it protects with malicious code.
Adblock Radio - "A library to block ads on live radio streams and podcasts. Machine learning meets Shazam." I'm surprised this didn't show up earlier.
Nine takeaways from the DevOps report - A good summary. I'm skeptical of some of the ways people use this report but thinking about these things is important.
Comparing Database Types: How Database Types Evolved to Meet Different Needs - From flat files to NewSQL.
Mastering Packs in Webpacker - And how to use them in a Rails 6 application.
Google Chrome Keystone is modifying /var symlink on non SIP Macs causing Boot Issues - I'm starting to class Chrome as malware.
Performance metrics for blazingly fast web apps - A deep dive into instrumenting JavaScript to track user experience.
ZeroTier 2.0 Status - A new version of this distributed private networking application is almost out.
What to ask during your interview - A starting point for reverse interviewing.

Double Shot #2440

Navi - "An interactive cheatsheet tool for the command-line."
What's Wrong with the Tech Interview Process? - Mostly a roundup of antipatterns, with a few thoughts on moving forward.
TypeValidator - "Adds type validation for classes with ActiveModel::Validations," which seems like it could be useful in some polymorphic schemas.
GDPR RAILS - A Rails engine to make GDPR compliance easier.
ActionviewPrecompiler - Test repo of template precompilation, which may make its way into a future Rails version.
Architecting multiple microservices behind a single domain with Amazon API Gateway - Some useful potential architectures, assuming you're all-in on AWS.
Seth Vargo says hell no—puts Chef on ICE - An interesting incident to consider, both from the ethics standpoint and from the supply-chain risk standpoint.
The Cloud and Open Source - A look at the failures of open core business models from within AWS.
Tools That Make Work Faster - One remote team's choices across multiple projects, with a recognition that one size does not fit all.

Do people who parrot this "Deep State" nonsense also believe in the tooth fairy?

Double Shot #2439

Orbit - Open-source design system from kiwi.com. Even if you're not building travel apps this is a nice example of what a design system can encompass.
Ruby on Rails Tutorial - One of the best, now updated for Rails 6.
Memcached 1.5.18 Release Notes - A significant update: "Memcached 1.5.18 and newer can recover its cache between restarts."
How to get those 9s: on improving service uptime - A structured plan for getting out of a pickle.
Cascadia Code - A new programming font from Microsoft.
Tech Animals - "Support a good cause and get your favorite Tech Animal as a T-shirt, poster, or mug." I might need to pick up a Firefox or two.
Rethinking web accounts (using Rails) - A signup-first-and-maybe-secure-later approach.
Conference Speakers, Check Your Egos - Some questions to prompt examining your own speaking motivations.
100,000 AI-Generated Faces - Free to use, though some are decidedly on the wrong side of the uncanny valley.
Keep Code Review from Wasting Everyone’s Time - Part of the Code Climate series on decreasing cycle time.
ColorBox - A new design toy from the folks at Lyft, which will give you smooth gradations between two shades.

I suppose I've missed my chance at the Forbes 60 under 60 list.

I'm fairly sure that the person who has done the most to "destroy the Republican Party" in recent years is Donald Trump.

It's fun to do long hours coding once in a while, when I feel competent and in the zone. It's less fun when I end up trying twenty different things because I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.

Double Shot #2438

git-quick-stats - Easy git repo analysis that you can install via Homebrew.
Software Architecture is Overrated, Clear and Simple Design is Underrated - Personally I'd call this a pragmatic approach to software architecture, but that would be a less-catchy title.
The Power of “Yes, if”: Iterating on our RFC Process - How Squarespace moves carefully on new infrastructure projects.
Moving Firefox to a faster 4-week release cycle - A faster cadence is coming (at least, if you're not already on nightly builds).
Delightful Goodbyes: Fully Deleting User Data - Testing to make sure you really delete everything.
Startup Gifs - Just in case you want to look like all the other cool kids.
Functor, applicative, and monad - This stuff always makes my head hurt.
Inkscape 1.0 beta1 available for testing - A major milestone looms for this open-source vector graphics editor.
Dear Email Industry, We’ve Got a GDPR Problem - The craptacular privacy mess revisited.
Setting up a Raspberry Pi For Ruby - Getting started with a new toy.
Best practices when writing a Dockerfile for a Ruby application - Some of the basics to keep you sane.

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