Double Shot #2412

Rocketman - A pure Ruby pub-sub framework.
Parallelism in PostgreSQL - A look under the hood.
Introducing the ‘aws-rails-provisioner’ gem developer preview - Easy transition from your local dev environment to Fargate.
Open Startups List - A bunch of companies experimenting with radical transparency.
NoHQ - "Helping founders, managers and executives building effective, scalable and healthy remote teams that work" through a mix of free and membership content.
Distributed systems vocabulary. - Learning to talk the talk.
Rotten Apple: Right to Repair Roundup - Apple continues to evolve in directions that ensure I won't buy any more of their products.
Shortcutery - Learn application shortcuts via online practice. Sketch right now, with the promise of more to come.
Developers mentoring other developers: practices I've seen work well - A good overview of the mentoring process.
New – Trigger a Kernel Panic to Diagnose Unresponsive EC2 Instances - And you thought kernel panics were a bad thing.
Building Your First Product Road Map - A process & structure.

A vote for Trump (and for most any Republican in Congress, for that matter) continues to be a vote for slaughtering children indiscriminately.

Double Shot #2411

A Year of Working Remotely - I suspect that most articles about remote work tell you more about the worker, and this one is no exception. But if you're only dabbling with the idea, it's a good starting point of things to think about.
The problem with Agile Transformation Programs - Success stories for "big Agile" are usually politically-motivated and very selective in the story they tell.
Maintainable Rails - Free email course from Robby Russell, who has been in Rails longer than most of us.
Dadroit - Client-side JSON viewer designed for large data files.
Awesome-Selfhosted - "This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally."
The Rule of 2 - A heuristic for dealing with unsafe input from the internet.
bashfs - Merge your command shell and your file system, just in case you're not confused enough already.
What Does a Coder Do If They Can't Type? - Things still aren't great, but non-typing input is getting more possible.
Serverless Functions With WebAssembly Modules - Compile WASM to C and launch from Node.
The Virtuous Circle of Software Delivery - What reducing cycle time can do for (many? most?) software organizations.
An Introduction to Svelte - Another frontend web framework worth looking at.

Double Shot #2410

Rails 6.0: Action Mailbox, Action Text, Multiple DBs, Parallel Testing, Webpacker by default, and Zeitwerk - The release version is here. Are you ready?
Newman Postman: command line Collection Runner - Tool to integrate your Postman API tests with your CI process.
Rails 6: Introduces explicitly adding rails server handler option - Another tiny improvement in the new version.
GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD, free for public repositories - Is there a whiff of "embrace & extend" here?
JSON Pizza - Easy online formatter for JSON files
What happens when you run Rails new? - A look at the file structure of a new Rails 6 project.
μ-service (Micro::Service) - A new Ruby framework for service objects.
Topaz - Framework code for a personal developer's website.
GTFOBins - A "curated list of Unix binaries that can be exploited by an attacker to bypass local security restrictions."
Arcane Office - A "decentralized office suite with high-security and zero-knowledge on your data." Free in beta.
Qanairy - "Automate quality assurance with codeless software testing. Spend less time finding, creating, and maintaining your automated tests with the power of AI." I'm skeptical but may kick the tires.

Double Shot #2409

Documentation - your secret weapon - Don't let agility (or laziness) be the enemy of maintainability.
Don’t Underestimate Grep Based Code Scanning - You can spot a lot of problems without paying for fancy static analysis tools.
Docker in 10 minutes - Basic concepts & commands.
Introducing git-revise - An alternative to git-rebase for patch-based development.
Object storage with Backblaze, Rclone, MinIO and s3cmd - Setting up backups on this stack.
Using TensorFlow.js to Train a “Rock-Paper-Scissors” Model - A sort of Machine Learning "hello world."
Why is modern web development so complicated? A long yet hasty explanation: Part 1! - I blame JavaScript.
Fullstaq Ruby: First impressions, and how to migrate your Docker/Kubernetes Ruby apps today - Definitely worth a look if memory pressure is an issue for your application.

Double Shot #2408

Input - A flexible set of proportional-spaced programming fonts.
Syslog : The Complete System Administrator Guide - A technical dive into this venerable protocol.
Why I Turned Down an AWS Job Offer - Because their contract terms suck (to be fair, that's pretty much universal across large tech companies).
What if I called FLUSHALL on your Redis instance? - Another threat to consider.
BlazingSQL is Now Open Source - A distributed GPU-accelerated SQL engine under the Apache 2 license.
Stop designing products for random people - Some segments of your market are more important than others for getting design right.
Jekyll 4.0.0.pre.beta1 Released - Coming with some breaking changes.
Freedombone version 4.0 - Take back the internet by hosting your own services and networking with like-minded people. I fear this ship has sailed but I admire those who are trying to turn it around.

I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that our little startup made at least $1.5B more than WeWork did last year.

Double Shot #2407

Reactive and Component Frameworks for "Old Fart" Programmers - A high-level conceptual overview.
iTerm2: Showing the PHP, Ruby or Node version in your status bar - Custom status bars are a nice alternative to custom bash prompts.
Improving our performance, accessibility, and SEO with Lighthouse audits - What you can discover through Chrome's devtools.
Microservice Architecture at Medium - Thinking through high-level considerations.
Our 6 Must Reads for Cutting Through Conflict and Tough Conversations - Conflict-resolution tactics you should know about in a small group setting.
Introducing the PLONK Stack for Cloud Native Developers - Prometheus, Linker, OpenFaaS, NATS, Kubernetes.
Hackathon Starter - A big heap o'Node.js boilerplate.
All the best engineering advice I stole from non-technical people - Guidelines and thought starters for engineering managers.

Double Shot #2405

The business case for diversity is a sinking ship - Diverse hiring is important because it's right, not because it's profitable.
Load balancing: Beyond healthchecks - It's pretty danged hard to write a load-balancing algorithm that does the right thing across a variety of failure modes.
Fast and flexible observability with canonical log lines - An interesting approach to making logs more useful.
Announcing HashiCorp Vault 1.2 - HashiCorp continues to do good work in the secrets management space.
Don't ask if a monorepo is good for you – ask if you're good enough for a monorepo - A look at some of the failure modes of monorepos.
git-o-matic - "A tool to monitor git repositories and automatically pull & push changes"
Ethical alternatives to Google reCAPTCHA - You probably don't need a captcha at all, but if you do, you don't need one that screws with my privacy.
Serverless Components - Chunks of functionality for the Serverless framework (not to be confused with the more general notion of serverless computing).

If you don't want me to agree with the idea that the President of the United States is an idiot, don't vote for an idiot next time.

Epstein found dead, having allegedly hanged himself while on suicide watch. This one goes straight into the Gemstone File.

Oh actually...just stepped outside, there are TWO neighbors pressure-washing this morning. Shoot me now.

I thought competitive suburban lawnmowing was the height of annoyance. I was wrong. Neighbor has progressed to pressure-washing his driveway before 9AM every weekend.

I can't wait until we have an empty nest and I can move the hell away from people.

As someone who's been programming computers for over 4 decades, I have no hesitation in saying that elevating computer programming to the status of a fundamental, universal academic skill that will save our economies is complete bullshit.

Constantly amazed at the number of people who think I'm their free research monkey just because I've published software on GitHub. No, sorry, I'm NOT going to take the simple 30-minute survey so you can come up with meaningless statistics for your CS thesis. In fact, I'm not even going to answer your email.

But if you keep sending follow-up emails I might be arsed to name & shame.

Double Shot #2402

Sky-High Software Stocks Are Beginning to Look Like They’re Forming a Bubble - Barron's looks at some of the silliness in non-GAAP financials. I continue to be astounded that the Silicon Valley darlings get away with this crap.
Why GraphQL Performance Monitoring is Hard/a></strong> - Because a single endpoint can handle a wide variety of loads.</li>
Work with Cluster Mode on Amazon ElastiCache for Redis - Get more reliability & availability (by spending more money, of course).
notqmail - A community-driven fork of qmail. If you don't know what that is you probably don't need it.
Some things that might help you make better software - A mix of cultural and process factors that are worth thinking about.
This Ain’t Disney: A practical guide to CSS transitions and animations - Get yourself up to speed on these tools (and perhaps use less crappy JS code).
The Feedback Log - Another simple tool for management.
LF - A new "fully decentralized fully replicated key/value store."

I'd just like to say, fuck

Verified that the sprinkler timer is working by accidentally standing in the yard at the wrong time.

On the plus side, now I can wet my pants with no one noticing.

Double Shot #2401

The anatomy of Web Components - How the built-in WebComponent support in (many) browsers handles encapsulating chunks of functionality.
TabNine - Autocomplete for code editors based on machine learning.
Post-Agile - A look at the current landscape and hype cycle surrounding big-A Agile.
OpenBitTorrent - Yep, BitTorrent is still around. Here's a tracker that anyone can use.
Gubernator - "Cloud-native distributed rate limiting for microservices."
Slack Smart Bot - A bot framework in ruby.
Managing Remote Developer Teams: How Buffer Set the Gold Standard - Interview with Katie Womersley - Lots of gold in this one.
The Fifth Generation Computing project - A cautionary tale for those who think we're on the verge of General AI. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to burn VC money recreating it.

Double Shot #2400

Planning to Start, Planning to Finish - I really like this set of thoughts that digs deeper than the simple "planned vs agile" false dichotomy.
Field Guide: Mitigating Risk While Transitioning Databases - How Sentry swapped backends without downtime.
Production readiness - What sorts of things should you check when doing a production readiness review?
Hiring is Broken And Yours Is Too - Pros and cons of various ways to hire developers. They all suck.
The Data Engineering Cookbook - Things you should know if you want to be one.
Rails 6 deprecates where.not working as NOR and will change to NAND in Rails 6.1 - I expect this one will bite some people but it makes sense.
Guiding Principles for Developer Tools - Areas that need investment to support a microservices architecture.
Electron 6.0.0 - Synced up to Chrome 76 and Node 12.4.

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