It would be helpful if someone could FedEx a paddle up this creek.

Double Shot #2284

forge - Work with GitHub or GitLab from the comfort of Emacs. Rails schema autoresolve - Automatically fix git merge conflicts in Rails schema files caused by differing version strings. A Tour of AWS Functionality Added in Jan 2019 - Good roundup for people who don't have time to read the entire firehose. Sloth - A "Mac application that displays all open files and sockets in use by all running processes on your system." Questions for a new technology. - A solid set of questions to use when the engineers want to chase the latest new shiny thing. Modern Alternatives to PGP - Yep, that ship has sailed. Or sunk. Talos - Stripped-down Linux distribution tailerd for Kubernetes. Cortex - "Cortex is an open-source platform for building, deploying, and managing machine learning applications in production."

If your job ad includes the phrase "You communicate good" under "Qualifications," it may already be too late.

Double Shot #2283

Next.js 8 - Including a serverless mode that builds a lambda per page. Help! None of my projects want to be SPAs - Oh good, I'm not the only one skeptical of the notion that every web app requires a megabyte of JS. Using Faktory with JavaScript - An example of working with this new polyglot background job system. Problem solving with Unix commands - The Unix toolbox is way more powerful than most developers these days (including myself) know. The New Golden Age of Building with Soul - We're not done innovating in technology yet! Hipster Shop: Cloud-Native Microservices Demo Application - A big ol' pile of stuff to show you the Google Cloud way. Purview - "What if your React components ran on the server-side?" OpenCensus - A backend-agnostic telemetry framework with plenty of integrations.

Back to work today, and dreading it. Looks like it's time to move on.

Well that wasn't the worst coding exercise ever.

Double Shot #2282

share your git hooks and config - Setting things up for uniformity on a software development team. Redmond Themes repository - Want to make your Linux look like some flavor of Windows? It's a free country I guess. Announcing Linaria 1.0 - "Linaria is a zero-runtime CSS in JS library. What’s special about Linaria is that it extracts all of the styles you write in your JavaScript code to real CSS files." SQL: One of the Most Valuable Skills - It's certainly served me well over the years. Create and install SSL certificates with ease – a Capistrano plugin (revised) - A set of tasks to handle some of the tedium. Caching beyond RAM: Riding the cliff - There's work going on to extend memcached to flash devices. Marp - Markdown Presentation Writer, a cross-platform (Electron) application to construct slides with Markdown. Don’t Get Clever with Login Forms - Amen to that.

Taking five days off work to focus on housecleaning is actually quite pleasant, especially compared to what I would otherwise be doing.

Double Shot #2281

So you want to be a wizard - A conference talk from Julia Evans, with slides & transcript. Yes, you can learn how to learn and be a wizard. Coaching Tools – The One on One - Specifically written for managers of Product Managers, but there are pieces here with wider applicability. Introducing swc 1.0 - A faster alternative to babel in the javascript-to-javascript world. Principled GraphQL - A set of best practices for working with GraphQL. DeskGap - An alternative to Electron that depends on native webviews plus Node. (Anti-)Application Video for YC120 2019 - Deconstructing the nonsense that is the YCombinator application. Thank you Bryan Cantrill. Weird Ruby - Odds and ends in the language that you might not know about. Who could be your Jeff Dean? - Some thoughts about implementing the Principal Engineer role in an organization.

For my dad, using a computer was having a single green-screen application open at a time.

For me, it's having many windows, but switching between them and only doing one task at a time.

For my kids, it's tiling multiple windows of games, videos, and chats so they can do all of them at once.

God only knows what their kids will do, but it will probably be utterly incomprehensible to me.

Double Shot #2280

gitin - CLI tool for exploring the history and state of a git repo. Electron v5.0.0 Timeline - Basically, moving to the same release cadence as Chromium. Helping To Build Cloudflare, Part 5: People: Finding, Nurturing and Learning to Let Go - More lessons from managing in a rapidly-growing company. Closing svn2github - Taking a moment to say thanks & goodbye to this tool.

Double Shot #2279

Hello, CSS! - A simple and neutral set of CSS defaults. Un-SAFe At Any Speed: Rethinking Scale and Agility - It doesn't feel like Big Agile is the answer to any question that I personally care about. stylelint - A linter for CSS and CSS-like files. Git History - Pretty browser for the history of any file on GitHub. Nginx Quick Reference - A compendium of notes.

And this is why you don't depend on local disk storage in autoscaling infrastructure.

Reminder: loyalty by a institution basically does not exist.

On a related note: if you are being referenced as "resource" in internal communications: run, don't walk away.

Double Shot #2278 - An illustrated animated guide to CSS. 30 minutes every day for your craft: Committing code to GitHub for 365 consecutive days - A report on building a habit of coding. K9s - A CLI for managing K8s clusters. Of course. Putting Users and Publishers at the Center of the Online Value Exchange - Another reason to keep using Firefox. Infrastructure Development Environment - Docker image with Ansible, kubectl, Terraform, various cloud CLIs, and more. Working from home: the yin and yang - A bunch of things to think about if you're just entering the remote workforce.

Double Shot #2277

Being a Great Engineering Mentor - Some thoughts about the various functions of mentorship. Don't Let the Internet Dupe You, Event Sourcing is Hard - Lessons learned from actually trying to use event sourcing./li> Gita - Command-line tool for managing multiple git repos together. Introducing Templates: A way to share your Functions with the Community - If you're working with FaaStRuby, that is. The Cost of Bad Software Architecture - Not being able to scale will bite you./li> Mercury Goes Open Source! - Web-parsing in JavaScript. Feature Flagging in Ruby Using EightBall - The genesis of a new Ruby library. How We Use Trello to Help Us Onboard Our New Employees - Systematic onboarding is a good thing. </ul>

Double Shot #2276

React as a UI Runtime - Digging into the workings of React. Mermaid Live Editor - Generate diagrams and flow charts from a structured text file. Opportunity Cost for developers — or how I stopped worrying about the future and learned to code for the present - Think about what you're not doing when you try to "future-proof" code. Heaven's Door - Generate capybara test scripts by recording browser actions. Preload, Eager Load, Includes and Joins in Ruby on Rails - In case you're fuzzy about what the differences are. React v16.8: The One With Hooks - Major new functionality has landed in React stable. Dear CEO: Your Feel-Good Diversity Initiative is Undermined By Every Other Way You’re Doing Business - Many parts of this industry are still a spectacular failure on the diversity front. Introducing: @pika/pack - A new NPM package builder.

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