Amazon just sent me email recommending I purchase half a dozen Jimmy Cagney movies. I don't see any connection with anything I've purchased, read, or watched in recent memory. Are they now just taking complete shots in the dark in the hopes of scoring?

I'm getting tired of articles celebrating "encore careers" or "lifelong work" or "delayed retirement". People aren't working into their 70s and 80s because they want to work till they die. They're afraid of starving in this dysfunctional hellhole of an economy if they don't work.

Instead of "Internet of Things" can we just start referring to it as "Useless Privacy-Invading Pile of Crap"?

Pro tip: HR is not your friend. If your company's HR department thinks they exist to maintain dossiers of past transgressions on every employee, get out now.

Woke up to discover the Democrats might have taken the Kentucky governorship. Maybe there's a tiny ray of hope on the political landscape in this messed-up country.

I'm so fucking tired of trying to figure out clever code from previous developers.

Finally pulled the trigger on updating my main desktop to Catalina. Expect to spend the next six hours authorizing things, cursing, and dreaming of a migration back to Linux.

I've told MacOS on every install across multiple computers that I do not want to turn on Siri. I've been logged into my Apple account, so Apple knows. So why, on the MacOS 10.15.1 update, are they asking AGAIN? Fuck you, Apple. And the privacy-invading eavesdropping technology you rode in on.

There are days that I'm sad because the heat death of the universe is not more imminent.

Then again it may arrive before this MacOS update completes.

App Store says XCode is for ages 4+. Presumably Apple thinks 3-year-olds aren't ready to write Swift applications yet.

If you stack dishes in the dishwasher so tichtly that water can't get between them, they won't come clean. Why is this not obvious to teenagers?

I don't care how many software manager blog entries I read, "ask" is not, and never will be, a noun.

Multiple setbacks for President Trump today in courts, Congress, public opinion. Almost enough to make me hope that this country might finally be coming to its senses.

Trying to figure out which country will accept a 60-year-old immigrant if the next US election is a win for Trump, as looks increasingly likely.

I've got one computer where the Firefox bookmarks menu insists on collapsing on every restart, instead of remembering state. No idea what I've configured differently there, but it's annoying as all get out.

Screw you, Apple. Time to get the heck out of this increasingly-walled garden.

Members of Congress can't be impeached, you fucking nitwit.

It'd be nice if LinkedIn stopped recommending that I connect with people at previous shitty jobs who were complete assholes.

The best thing about Monday is that now perhaps I can put last week's shitstorm of a failed plan safely behind me.

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