It is entirely possible that I am unemployable. Not sure what to do about this.

Starting to really understand "superannuated" at a gut level. And I don't like it.

There's nothing wrong with Mueller running a witch hunt if the President is, in fact, a witch.

Remember when Twitter was this exciting new service with an open API that didn't give a shit about making money?

Yeah, me neither.

Ah, the joys of a defiant 14-year-old. From "Good morning" to "You're off computer" in ten minutes or less.

Cost-of-living salary adjustment = we'll penalize you for being smart enough not to live in NY or SF. No thanks.

The problem with having kids is that you end up with teenagers.

Headphones and red wine are a great combination, especially when you throw in the "up" part of bipolar.

Man I hate school vacations. My kids can get used to being the world's laziest slugs in three days or less. Then the first day back to school they are complete flaming assholes.

On the whole, I think music might be the greatest human achievement. I don't understand how it works, but when everything else stinks, a good song in the headphones can still ease the panic of life.

Hackerrank interview questions feel like an antipattern. Not sure I want to work for anywhere that considers these to have predictive value.

Next year, I'm going to let the kids come home from Thanksgiving and go away myself. The constant bickering makes me want to stab everyone concerned with a fork.

Tried drawing process for bug fix & release. Ran out of whiteboard. Bad sign.

Going through open browser tabs and wrestling with what makes the cut for A Fresh Cup. There is too much good stuff out there, but the point of a curated list is not to have 100 links a day!

What devs say: Well, there's about a 10% chance we'll be done by the end of Q3, but really we haven't finished requirements gathering yet, and this other project will take time, so ask me again in late August and we'll get you a refined estimate, OK?

What stakeholders here: woof woof woof woof done August 31.

Also, all other things being equal, if I never have to touch VMWare Fusion again in my life that would be just fine.

I'm starting to look at the job market again, with an eye towards senior technical leadership or engineering management. If you'd like to see what I've been up to or chat about possibilities, I'm on LinkedIn at or you can email me at MikeG1(at) or DM me here. I'm only looking at remote-first positions, though in a leadership job I'd expect to do a reasonable amount of travel.

I'm more than halfway from birth to death. I feel like I've learned a thing or two, but the people who could act on my knowledge no longer think I'm worse listening to. It's a quandru.

But I'm cool with that. Pass the beer.

I renewed my ACLU membership tonight. What have YOU done to be part of the solution?

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