TFW you misread the title of a video game as "Trials of Mama" and get very confused by the review.

PS - I'd play "Trials of Mama" if anyone put it ou.

I'm getting more than a little tired of cloudd soaking up every bit of CPU in sight. Oh, to be able to switch...

Another day, another 500 COVID-19 cases in Indiana. :this_is_fine:

So, a couple weeks ago the plan was roughly:
1. If cases stabilize & drop
2. Ease lockdown
3. If cases spike
4. Restore lockdown

The US has broadly decided the "If" in #1 doesn't matter any more. This gives me zero faith that step 4 will ever happen, no matter what local spikes we may see.

It's the weekend and I'm catching up on my todo list, starting with a bunch of code projects. I may be doing life wrong...

Ordering governors to open churches? I would say someone should read the Constitution to the President, only I doubt he has the attention span to make it all the way to the Bill of Rights.

Indiana is moving to next stage of reopening tomorrow, two days earlier than planned. As far as I can tell we've reached the "wishful thinking" and "making shit up" stage of the process, because statewide cases continue to rise at a steady pace.

Global COVID-19 case count crossed 5 million and it doesn't even rate a headline. We're all numb by now.

Had my first nightmare about the new job. I guess that means I'm starting to understand the domain.

It doesn't seem all that long ago that I was looking at pandemic trackers on the web and waiting for the significant 10,000 and then 100,000 numbers.

Now we're edging up towards 5 million cases worldwide and over 300,000 dead people and I can barely focus on the numbers. It's become completely mind-numbing, and watching the USA go into complete denial mode isn't helping any.

What we really need is a Constitutional amendment that forbids the President from using Twitter.

Donald Trump & Elon Musk: marriage made in hell for poor people.

How the hell did we reach the point where our best path to a not-insane President is to have 35% unemployment in November?

A bunch of companies (Google is the latest) are saying things like "employees can work at home till the end of 2020". When those deadlines expire, I expect any remote-first companies who are hiring will have some excellent candidates available from those who have figured out that going into the office for their jobs is unnecessary controlling BS.

Just saw that some Amazon folks are saying that Tim Bray got "radicalized" by fringe elements in the company.

Anyone who has been reading Tim's excellent blog for any length of time is laughing too hard to respond.

Twitter tells me that @eranhammer doesn't exist this morning.

No matter. Thanks to the magic of the internet, I now know he's another person I never want to work with.

New job onboarding is, as they say, drinking from the firehose. Postings may be scarce for a while.

Boris Johnson said his doctors were preparing for a "'death of Stalin'-type scenario."

I guess if we have Hitler at the helm in the US, you folks across the pond can have Stalin.

Now, more than ever, people are starving amidst plenty of food worldwide. Jobs and livelihoods are vanishing in the west, while the rich get even richer. This pandemic has exposed the failure of advanced industrial capitalism in the starkest terms.

Unfortunately for me, I no longer have the faith I had 40 years ago that collective rage will produce something better.

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