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Your company’s writing culture can only ever be as good as its reading culture.

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Daniel Hodges, asked why he calls Jan. 6 attackers “terrorists,” whips out 18 USC 2331(5).

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Then it is incumbent upon Sen. Manchin to deliver the 10 Republicans who will support the bill. He has not been able to do so. The right of Black ppl to vote free from voter suppression should not be held hostage to nostalgia for a political reality that no longer exists. twitter.com/atrupar/status/142

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Conservatives came to this school board meeting to protest Critical Race Theory and denounce a teacher who dared say . So @waltermasterson@twitter.com and I thought we'd give them a history lesson.

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GOP: “It violates our privacy for you to check our vaccination status!”

ALSO GOP: “Before they can pee, we need to check your child’s genitals.”

GOP: “It violates our freedom to be forced to get vaccinated!”

ALSO GOP: “We're going to force you to have your rapist’s baby.”

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Why do older generations struggle to understand the radically different politics of Millennials/Gen Z, like @sunrisemvmt@twitter.com?

They grew up in an America that no longer exists.

Young people experienced American exceptionalism only as a fable.

Our America has been defined by crisis.

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Biden should cancel student debt for vocational degrees and double it for these people.

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One thing we don't talk about enough is that a lot of software engineering advice comes from software consultants who work on many different projects short-term instead of a few projects long-term. Doesn't mean the advice is bad; just something we should be mindful of.

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It astonishes me how many smart people still have no clue what danger we’re in right now - whether it’s the overheating of our planet or the shredding of our democracy.

Plus, time is not on our side. Yet complacency rules among segments of Establishment political & media worlds

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Poe's law is an adage of Internet culture stating that, without a clear indicator of the author's intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views such that it cannot be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the views being parodied.

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I label increasingly nonsensical images with ‘UI’ and ‘UX’ and hope they get used in serious presentations

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Segmentation Fault: core dumped

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Write a horror story for your industry using just four words

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Elevated timeouts on production

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Write a horror story for your industry using just four words

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Works on my machine

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Write a horror story for your industry using just four words

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen modern conservatism distilled so perfectly into a single tweet before.

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They've just beamed down and I gotta say, I don't like Merkel's chances.

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