Why did they call it a food truck when they could have called it a "road range"?

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holding a seat open for a year just to fill it with a guy with ties to conservative dark $ groups; confirming Kavanaugh, a serial abuser; installing Barrett 8 days before an election after millions voted? not exactly the behavior of a party interested in the integrity of SCOTUS twitter.com/tomcottonar/status

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Yet again, another rightwinger endorsing common sense progressive proposals only when it *affects* or *benefits* them. twitter.com/brianstelter/statu

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"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" -Abraham Lincoln

"I would rather be right than to be President" - Henry Clay

"I'm sorry, but fuck that." -John Boehner

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These policies, if implemented, would make it impossible for trans people to live without outing themselves, and then leave them defenseless if they experienced any discrimination on account of being trans.

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Like, I can't express how many hours of my career and those of my team were spent on the issues neatly summarized and vastly understated in two paragraphs here.

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The human response to any functioning complex system is to pile on additional complexity until it breaks catastrophically. So a steady rate of breakdowns, big and small, is the only reassurance that you aren't piling up massive levels of risk somewhere

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Checking in for your return flight from the beach is the most bittersweet feeling...

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Some personal news. I'm excited about the next chapter in my career (I recently departed Fastly). Exploring engineering leadership positions for my next role. If you'd like to chat, my DMs are open!

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I am currently in a County court hearing in which a chiropractor is being accused of violating health orders. The chiropractor has tuned into the hearing remotely surrounded by dozens of people indoors with no social distancing and only one person wearing a mask

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it’s not just Nikki Haley, but here’s the record she and the others who worked for Trump want to defend, and say it shouldn’t be washed away by Trump’s role in instigating the MAGA riot: thedailybeast.com/donald-trump

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I wish the Broncos got the same treatment when they played the Seahawks secondary that held every play in the Super Bowl

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Not much I can do about this in Colorado, all my representatives are Democrats, but to my out-of-state friends, please consider writing to yours.

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The conservative infotainment-industrial complex is now telling us that it's a distraction to focus on a backbench freshman representative when it generated approximately infinity takes about each member of the Squad over the past two years. (And is obsessing about AOC today).

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Nothing says “democracy” like protecting a narcissistic tyrant because if you don’t, his supporters will break in your house and beat you & your family to death.

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