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I'm not a Socialist. Period. May I direct you to speak to the Socialists. They are not thrilled, exactly, about circumstances.

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Writing is the process by which you realize that you do not understand what you are talking about.

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Does this C++ code return 0?

Depends: do you like significant comment whitespace, does that backslash at the end of X comment out the next line? πŸ€”

GCC and clang say 0.
MSVC says 1337.
They're all correct! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

h/t @Cor3ntin@twitter.com with wg21.link/P2223

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Dems ask: "Is it realistic to achieve our objective?"
The right asks: "What ruthless means will it take to achieve our objective?"
Dems ask: "What does public opinion say about this?"
The right says: "How do we manipulate public opinion to get people on our side?"

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It only took a few hours for the Biden campaign to pluck this from the President's news conference on Thursday.

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I love our governor.

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Technically I would argue that the J'naii from ST:TNG (S05, E17) are non-binary and that Jadzia Dax can be considered trans or multi-gendered (and trans-species) but hey, progress is progress and I look forward to watching Discovery

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You get the sense the Trump campaign really, really expected to run against Bernie Sanders, and when Joe Biden won, they just kept the old plan.

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For the love of dog, how the hell do I tell @spotify@twitter.com that I never, ever, under any circumstances, want to hear another Weezer song?

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Trump is the incumbent president. If he loves statues so much, why didn't he protect them at the time? If AntiFa has seized control of great American cities, why doesn't he do something about it NOW?

The more Trump magnifies protests into city-wrecking riots ... 7/x

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This narrative that black people who want an accurate reflection of history are "angry and resentful" leaves us with one logical takeaway:

White people don't want to know history because they can't handle the truth.

A thread.

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Here's the transcript of Trump's response when he was asked what are his top priorities for a second term.

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β€œThat white-innocence fantasy of rolling lawns and ripped bodices is only palatable (and profitable) because Britain doesn’t have much actual power anymore. Our eccentricities would be far less adorable if we still owned you.”

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I totally get it with Hey but if I learned 1 thing in life is I'm not getting an email at a domain I do not control, ever again.

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If you're looking to attend President Trump's rally in Tulsa next Friday, you must first agree not to sue him if you get coronavirus

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Excited to hear @DanielEFrampton@twitter.com and @TheAmazingRando@twitter.com talk at @boulderruby@twitter.com tonight. Join us virtually: meetup.com/boulder_ruby_group/

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TextUs is hiring an Engineering Lead () to join our team. Build features customers love. Mentor a small team. Join a thriving company with a great culture. We'd love to hear from you. @TextUsBiz@twitter.com textus.com/jobs/engineering-le

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