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Since we wrote about the 29 incidents in this article, published 2 hours ago, a further 21 incidents have been identified by @N_Waters89@twitter.com twitter.com/bellingcat/status/

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Passive voice is for when the state does violence. Active voice is for when a protester does? Got it. twitter.com/nytimes/status/126

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Maybe another part of it is now having experienced firsthand how many well-known thoughtlords are actually staggeringly bad at the job of building and shipping software, vs. simply talking about it.

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okay i mulled over this idea in my head for a month and then just sat down and wrote this in one pass without switching tabs so here it is, raw and extra spicy:

"Second guessing the modern web" macwright.org/2020/05/10/spa-f

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Please RT. I want to make sure Bill Barr and the people he meets today see this

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Stoooooop emailing me about COVID-19 fucking corporate parasites

Whelp, Keybase is dead now.

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I am very happy that @zoom_us@twitter.com has bought @KeybaseIO@twitter.com and announced a plan to offer an end-to-end encrypted mode that works with Zoom's video quality and scale. Details from @ericsyuan@twitter.com:


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I wrote a blog post for the first time in years! Using Dry::Container for Dependency Injection blog.theamazingrando.com/posts

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Check out my new keyboard!
It's just got 7 switches and a button. You know binary, yeh?
Just enter the binary value of the character you want to type, and then push the button. Nothing could be simpler!

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Canadians are receiving $2000/month and their GDP per capita is about 2/3 of ours. So when you're struggling to pay rent remember - it's not that they couldn't help us more, it's that they chose not to.

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Say what you will about Marianne Williamson, but at least she would have had us wear a crystal pendant or a copper bracelet instead of drinking bleach.

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Quarantine desk shot, now that I've finally got around to cleaning it:

i really just can't get over all the ads today "IN THESE TRYING TIMES WE STAND WITH YOU" shut the fuck up corporation you're not my friend and you never were

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Moderate Democrats Suggest Working with Coronavirus to Find Common Ground. "It's our priority to find a solution everyone is happy with," revealed Sen. Chuck Schumer. "Nancy [Pelosi] and I have been meeting with the Coronavirus to try to work out a... jwz.org/b/yjWX

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Trump went on Fox and Friends to talk about switching the 2020 election to mail-in, and said, that if you allowed everyone to vote, "you'd never have a Republican elected in this country again."

Jon Queally calls it "Saying the quiet part out loud."



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14. Take this blog post, repost it, forward it, whatever. We need to stop the opportunistic power grab. Bailouts can wait, we need aid to the people. Rent is coming due at the end of the month, but I can assure you Boeing will be fine for awhile. mattstoller.substack.com/p/sto

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