Hurray! I get to play around with C# code :/

Funding just fell through :( anyone need a Junior Rails Developer?

Avoid the need for comments. "How many times have you seen a comment that is out of date? Because comments are not executable, the are merely a form of decaying documentation. If a bit of code inside a method needs a comment, extract that bit into a separate method. The new method name serves the same purpose as did the old comment." - Practical Object-Oriented Design: An Agile Primer using Ruby

Really makes me think!!

I would like to DRY up my views in a rails 5 app. The view is heavy with cancancan statements and is driving me nuts. I would rather not use a gem. How do you guys DRY up your views? Examples would be amazing!

What is the best way to have basic CRUD functionality for carrierwave when dealing with multiple file uploads?

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