Started a list today of companies that hire remote junior devs.

If you know of any such company, submit a PR or DM me and I'll add it!

When initializing an array, is

`arr = []`

just syntactic sugar for

`arr =[])`

? Or am I not thinking about this correctly? The docs aren't clear on this point, at least to me.

I'm writing some very beginner-friendly articles, and I'd like to do one on, say, 10 or 11 essential Array methods for new Rubyists.

Senior devs: what methods would you put on such a list? Anything you consistently see new devs ignoring/misunderstanding?

Shoutout to @phaedryx for pointing me to

Just reached the 50% mark, and I'm learning a lot. 👍

My book on making it to the #1 spot in the App Store is now free/open. Enjoy:

Working on a second edition. Keep an eye out for it.

Hi, all!

I've been a developer for about 6 years, and a Ruby dev for exactly 0 years. 😆

Just starting my Ruby journey, loving it so far, and hoping to make some connections here while I learn.

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