Hi, all!

I've been a developer for about 6 years, and a Ruby dev for exactly 0 years. 😆

Just starting my Ruby journey, loving it so far, and hoping to make some connections here while I learn.

@phaedryx I maintain and develop a legacy Windows app built in a development suite called OpenInsight. It uses a proprietary language called BASIC+. Not super common stuff. 😂

I've recently started doing more JS and PHP, but I'm focusing on Ruby for some upcoming projects.

Are you mainly a Ruby dev? Any tips on good learning resources?

@adamlombard Yeah, I've been doing Ruby for about a dozen years or so. I like for a nice overview of how the language works. If you like to work problems to learn: I have heard great things about this book: This has gotten rave reviews too:

@phaedryx Thanks for the resources! I actually started POODR last week, and yes -- it's fantastic so far.

@adamlombard if you're able, I'd encourage you to make it to RubyConf in Los Angeles in mid-November. That's a great way to get connected to the wide-variety of stuff happening in the Ruby community.

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