@tgourley if you find the docker setup a bit daunting, I’ve found just deploying to Heroku with the elixir buildpacks works just fine if your app can survive restarts. If you’re already all-in on docker, I’m sure either way works, but I’ve enjoyed taking the “easy” route so far ;)

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@veer66 yeah, I usually use empty arrays instead of nil, so my code is always the same shape.

@oz To be fair, I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone who used Hanami, I’ve just thought it looked cool from what I’ve read about it ;). Lucky looks fun too, so I fully support that option as well :)

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Large Hadron Collider

Very Large Array

Quite Big Telescope

Moderately Enormous Antenna

Monstrous Magnifying Glass

Ludicrously Sized Observatory

Stonking Humungous Sky-Guzzler

Incomprehensibly Cyclopean Science Behemoth of Mind-Flaying Dimensions

A Pair Of Binoculars So Huge You Just Can't Imagine, They're Even Huger, No Far Bigger Than That, Now Double It

The Budget Eater

@oz I’ve always liked the look of Hanami—The API is a nice opinionated departure from rails, so I feel like I’d learn a lot by trying it out on something small. I’ve used Sinatra before, so Roda doesn’t feel like enough of a departure for me to want to try it out. But most of my motivation for the smaller projects tends to be “yay, time to learn something” rather than “yay, time to use the right tool for the job” ;)

@postmodern @judofyr the root query is the only thing that doesn’t easily convert, as far as I can tell. Once we’re done with piecemeal changes, it’ll still require a whopper of a pull request to switch.

@postmodern @judofyr yeah, we’ve at least got a migration plan in place at the moment: we’re converting classes when we need to modify for a feature anyhow and I’m liking the direction it’s going. I’ll be more comfortable with the whole structure once we’re entirely on the class api—it definitely feels like a return to where I’m comfortable in Ruby.

@CoralineAda you’ve had an incredible impact on the tech world. We’re all lucky to have you—it’s hard to talk about what you’ve been doing and dealing with without understating it. You’re fighting the good fight, and I’ve looked up to you for a long time because of that.

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@aru I’m hopeful this will make Edge more accessible to screen readers (its a bit of a mess at the moment), but not thrilled that we now only have two competing rendering engines. Maybe it’ll be simpler to test against, but the lack of competition has me worried.

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@sfcgeorge I got a scanned in screenshot that had been printed out in black and white emailed to me. The most surprising thing was it actually gave me all the info I needed to fix the bug…

@bentest Welcome to Ruby.social :). I started out mostly using Ruby for writing utility scripts on my computer, and that seems pretty common—it’s still the easiest language for me to write scripts in today. I know that for web development, there are a number of great alternatives worth looking into. Hanami has had my eye for a long time, as it looks like a better designed system for long term maintainability. But you’ll never go wrong with choosing rails for a new project.

Spent some time messing around with to finish the first day's puzzle "Chronal Calibration" from this year's Advent of Code---it was a fun little excuse to poke around unfamiliar methods in the standard library. adventofcode.com/2018/day/1

@muneeb welcome! I’m new as well, but things seem friendly so far, so hopefully we can all learn together :)

@wa9ace ooh, now I might actually give lambda a serious try. I’ve had a few ideas For small projects before, but it didn’t feel worthwhile to do all the extra research in node libraries to accomplish stuff I already know how to do in Ruby…

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@sfcgeorge it’s never been a huge issue for me, but it definitely comes through every once in a while. For a while, aws-s3 was the biggest source of errors on that, but not so much anymore I don’t think.

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