My rack middleware / microframework now supports array query parameters. Check it out:

I have just released openapi_first 0.12.5 with a new option `not_found: :continue` to skip request validation / routing for request that are not covered by your API description. Any feedback is appreciated

It’s an alternative to committee and inspired by connexion (python)

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@shotgun_surgery sure. dry-validation is great. Nowadays I would use JSON Schema for data validation, though

I released openapi_first 0.12 yesterday. It’s a framework of Ruby / Rack middlewares that helps you to implement your API based on . It’s inspired by committee and connexion (python). Please check it out and give feedback

@diegotoral @renatolond yes it is. I‘d like to add some features (see issues) and make the „router“ part even faster, but the API should not change much. Would be happy if you try it out and give feedback.

@james We are mostly using small non-Rails services (Sinatra, Hanami, plain Rack), but ocasionally Rails. I would love to upgrade from 5 to 6, but there is one old unmaintained assets library that does not want me to upgrade.


class Thing

... does not do what you would like it to do.

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