En regardant le film avec mes gamins je viens de realiser que Rox est la contraction de Red Fox et Roukie (rookie) est un chien débutant sa carrière de chien de chasse (cedric.io/2020/en-regardant-le)

Dans mon entourage, plusieurs personnes se sont remises à rédiger des blogs. Manquerait plus qu'un retour en force d'IRC comment entre fin '90 - début 2000, et je serais le plus heureux des geeks \o/ (cedric.io/2020/dans-mon-entour)

.@AppTweak@twitter.com is growing 🚀 We are looking for an amazing Full-Stack Developer to join our team! Are you this person?
Check out our job offer and feel free to reach us!


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Hey, folks! My company is looking for someone to come work with test automation, QA and the likes! We're based in Brussels and there's no option for remote, unfortunately!
If it interests you, check it out over here:

#job #jobs #emploi #jeRecrute #brussels #bruxelles

I've been using QuteBrowser for the past 2 days (more on that later), and the only thing I missed so far was a LastPass integration.

Now, QuteBrowser does not come with a plugin store like Firefox or Chrome, but it is still possible to use LastPass with it.


We’re planning to launch a Ruby Meetup Luxembourg in 2019. Anyone interested to jump in? PM for details and don’t hesitate to ping a friend! cedric.io/2018/12/21/4506/

Yesterday I had to clean some very old branches on a project's codebase. Here's a few git tricks I hat to use. cedric.io/2018/12/19/clean-old

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