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Created a Lucky Framework reddit sub. Join up all you Crystal supporters! Only WE can grow this ecosystem! reddit.com/r/Lucky_Framework

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The latest LuckyCasts is live, and walks you through setting up an "Application Config" for your apps where you can clean up and tuck away some of your business-specific strings and settings! Enjoy 🥳


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Released v.0.8.1 of @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com plugin for @code@twitter.com and thanks to @HertzDevil@twitter.com and @oprypin@twitter.com for the work!

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Reminder that Slack's Plus and Enterprise Grid plans allow administrators to download the contents of all private conversations.


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Announcing Svelte NodeGUI, a lightweight Electron alternative with native UI! 🚀

– Runtime: @nodejs@twitter.com
– GUI: @qtproject@twitter.com
– Renderer: @sveltejs@twitter.com
– Platforms: macOS/Windows/Linux

Based on @a7ulr@twitter.com's NodeGUI + @halfnelson_au@twitter.com's Svelte Native! ❤️

⭐️ appreciated!


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Native Elements: customizable plug-n-play library for your site which helps you easily style all the available HTML elements using CSS custom properties, classes, attributes, etc. It even has an ONLINE THEME BUILDER 🤯


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Writing rejection emails is hard, so I built a tool that writes rejections for you! Introducing unfortunately.io. Just copy and paste an email from Unfortunately. Save time and have peace of mind. ☹️📩🪄

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Wir suchen zur Ergänzung unseres Teams einen motivierten Freelance Backend-Entwickler, welcher unser -Projekt mit seiner Expertise im Zusammenhang mit , , mySQL etc. unterstützt. Frontend ist . Wir freuen uns und danke fürs retweeten! 🙏

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It's new @css@twitter.com article day! 🥳

Let me take you on a journey exploring CSS animation and @property@twitter.com 🪄

Yep, it details how "that" stopwatch is possible 👀

👉 css-tricks.com/exploring-prope via @css@twitter.com

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…and/or availability as a @gnome@twitter.com extension:


I mean it's JavaScript already anyway, right?

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Also, if is interesting for you, you might to have a look at @dimitrovadrian@twitter.com's :


I wish RCloneTray would have a @snapcraftio@twitter.com or @FlatpakApps@twitter.com package, though. 😉

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Apart from that is available on all major Desktop platforms, too:


And it works with a lot(!) providers:


Also it is .

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