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The quality of communication erodes with too many unnecessary layers.

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The quality of communication erodes with too many unnecessary layers.

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Just checked how many LOC we wrote in @BrightAppSec@twitter.com while writing @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com

Yeha, we wrote 77248 LOC, this is just our main engine with no 3rd party shards.

lots of work :)

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Did you know that Crystal's Parser is written in Crystal? You can read the whole source code at 👇github.com/crystal-lang/crysta


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I may be easily amused, but I think that using font ligatures to hide expletives is hilarious. vole.wtf/scunthorpe-sans/

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The NASA crawler-transporters are amazing, they can carry a a whole moon rocket or space shuttle or even a part of a node_modules directory

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8 days until the CFP closes and once you've submitted your talk you should go check out our gold sponsor @Floryn_com@twitter.com.


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@jaredcwhite@twitter.com Adding query-pipelining support to the @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com Postgres client github.com/will/crystal-pg/pul

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@_m_b_j_@twitter.com @_ianks@twitter.com Also shout out to @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com shards for starting out with a shard.yml package metadata file.

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Found this via @programmerjoke9@twitter.com; I think it’s brilliant.

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@postmodern_mod3@twitter.com you read my mind. 99% of gemspecs could be defined statically, and a gemspec.yml would make it easier to build tooling for gems github.com/postmodern/gemspec.

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Another great Crystal shard was just released. Bindings for the libvips image processing library - github.com/naqvis/crystal-vips

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Crystal is such a joy to write @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com

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A bunch of my coworkers from my previous company were laid off today, mostly engineers. If your team has roles open or you know of a team that does, drop some leads here so my friends can have a look and reach out.

RTs appreciated! dev.to/devteam/dev-team-update

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I run crystal to process data and files on a rails platform. Using a paperclip image service class to upload files to S3 and save it in DB so paperclip on rails can read them.

Would that still be an exciting shard? As most people now move to the builtin one instead.

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