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Registration for @rubyconf@twitter.com is open! Hope y’all can make it to my workshop session where we’ll make cross platform video games using Ruby \o/

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You can grep through Rails routes with the `-g` option. In this example, we're gonna look for routes that match "password":

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My Crystal pokeapi wrapper library has finally been added to the list of wrapper libraries on pokeapi's website! 🥳


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Debug an integer overflow in a @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com application and undermine an undefined behavior (oops):

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Exactly 1337 lines?
That's 1337!

Btw: is leetspeak still a thing?

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Basecamp changing from Webpacker to jsbundling-rails/esbuild: +1,337 −6,541 lines [mostly from yarn.lock dependencies!]. twitter.com/dhh/status/1438476

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Delighted to hear from @schneems@twitter.com that the Error Highlight gem in now in Ruby. It's the best error feedback improvement in years since the addition of the did_you_mean gem.

In Ruby 3.1 you'll be able to know *which* object is nil on NoMethodError: github.com/ruby/ruby/tree/mast

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When types fail, dynamic languages gain. @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com shows you can have the cake and eat it too!

Example: the 𝚣𝚒𝚙 method takes several iterables, and returns an array of tuples:

[𝟷, 𝟸].𝚣𝚒𝚙([𝟹, 𝟺], ["𝚊", "𝚋"])

[{𝟷, 𝟹, "𝚊"}, {𝟸, 𝟺, "𝚋"}]


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The JRuby team needs your help putting together the release notes for 9.3! We have completed the planned issues and PRs and now need to mine the issue list for release note bullets. We have opened a bug to let users help fill out the notes. Dive in!

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Thanks to the OSS program at @MacStadium@twitter.com, the JRuby project now has a live Apple M1 self-hosted Github Actions runner! This was surprisingly easy to set up. Now to get it green!

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I created the first real demo of our unit testing lib using @luckyframework@twitter.com, the repo is here: github.com/bararchy/lucky_sec_ right now there is a test as part of the specs which validates against SQLi on the sign_in page.

Check it out :)

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Type conversions in Ruby: kddnewton.com/2021/09/09/ruby-.

These always kind of surprised me and I never felt like I had a truly good handle on it. So I investigated and wrote a blog post! Hopefully it will help you too.

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After 3 hours in the hot seat, I’m now the proud owner of a @CockroachDB@twitter.com, @benthosdev@twitter.com, @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com, and additional @golang@twitter.com tattoo 😄

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SecTester v1.0.0 Released 🎉
You can now specify expected server response for Target and have more fine grained control like setting up a body for the request!
This @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com shard is a unit-testing lib for testing your application security

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Another thing I didn't realize you could do with our refactoring library, suture + a little extra code: longitudinal benchmarking. Let both code paths run side by side in production and see how the refactored path performs. github.com/testdouble/suture

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@xmpp@twitter.com @fdroidorg@twitter.com @iNPUTmice@twitter.com @conversationsim@twitter.com @ConversationsIO@twitter.com So it seems that the @guardianproject@twitter.com supported Bonjour / XEP-0174 but the @Android@twitter.com application isn't maintained any more since should be used.
It seems that conversations isn't a complete replacement after all. 😢

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@xmpp@twitter.com @fdroidorg@twitter.com I love @iNPUTmice@twitter.com's @conversationsim@twitter.com but for now @ConversationsIO@twitter.com doesn't support that feature:


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Are there any mobile applications implementing @xmpp@twitter.com's (XEP-0174)?

I thought that this is a pretty useful feature but I'm unable to find any mobile clients. 🤔

Or are there any recommendable non- FOSS alternatives (i.e. on @fdroidorg@twitter.com) ?

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