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City of Shadows ✌️😁 dwitter.net/d/23101


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Day 7) Spent time spiking around with api gateway websockets backed by lambda.

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@grrkekkk@twitter.com will be at the talking about Native development using HTML, CSS & JS. He will explore a based shard that takes a custom dialect of HTML and translates it to native . Sign up at bit.ly/3i6NCxK

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It feels good to be back working on TruffleRuby. There are some really nice new improvements from Truffle, Graal, and various GraalVM tools while I was away. twitter.com/TruffleRuby/status

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@meraj_enigma@twitter.com @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com We are currently working on upgrading the decencies and running some tests before cutting the next release. Cc @drujensen@twitter.com @elorest@twitter.com @eliasjpr@twitter.com

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@Stephen_Dolan@twitter.com, founder of @LuckyCasts@twitter.com will attempt to bring down the “Ruby vs Crystal” wall by showing how to solve problems by leveraging existing tools in another language. Get your tickets at: bit.ly/3i6NCxK

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TIL you can compile @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com into a shared library. Useful for injecting Crystal into plugin systems.

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programmers don't propose to their significant other, they submit merge requests

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@CrystalLanguage@twitter.com Excited to share my experiences with fellow rubyists. Crystal can be a quick way for many to speed up critical parts of their app with little effort.

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@igor_alexandrov@twitter.com will be sharing his experience transitioning from to at the , and what it’s like to migrate , the most advanced Ruby toolkit for handling attachments, to Crystal. Get your tickets at bit.ly/3i6NCxK

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Day 6) Using for building a .

Fell a little behind... holidays :)

Learned type restricted free variables.

Love the flexibility you get with while maintaining type safety.

Not as flexible as but still really good.

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