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We'd like to welcome @yukihiro_matz@twitter.com onboard as the keynote speaker and @cookpad_dev@twitter.com as our first sponsor.


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At amazon, every 100ms of latency costed us 1% in sales

My team's goal was to cut amazon.com's load time in half

Here's what we did 🧵

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I really like CSS but sometimes debugging is unfortunately not trivial. 😢

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Thrilled for our partners/family @manastech@twitter.com and the recognition by @CRN@twitter.com of as one of the coolest software of 2021! Well deserved!!! twitter.com/manastech/status/1

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¿Alguien está aprendiendo alemán de mis followers de habla español?

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`after_destroy` callback isn't safe for deleting external (API) things. On exception raise, the transaction will rollback but you still lost your external thing. In that case, use `after_destroy_commit` to be sure the transaction has finished.

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TIL you can add recommended VS Code extensions to a repository. This seems like be a handy onboarding shortcut for new engineers!

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This is a stretch, but does anyone in my network have any affiliation with GRPC team at Google? We've been trying to get a fix in for TruffleRuby for months now without any feedback or acknowledgement at all. It's a major hurdle for those looking to use GCP and TruffleRuby.

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Working on a @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com library to generate 2D graphics. Hopefully, I will publish the first version of the library in the next two weeks. And here is the hello world!

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Happy Friday news! @CRN@twitter.com's list of the coolest software in 2021 includes –you guessed it– !!
Check out the full list here man.as/5wyvk

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I just published Comparing implementations of the Monkey language V: Vestido de @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com link.medium.com/8V1BHEVLZmb

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Are you looking for new maintainers to join your project? Or do you want to request ownership of an abandoned gem? Check out Rubygems Adoptions blog.rubygems.org/2022/01/19/r

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Global Game Jam 2022 starts tomorrow! Get your free license or DragonRuby Game Toolkit and build something :-) twitter.com/amirrajan/status/1

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Pulled some stats on the impact pair programming has had at my work... working up a blog post on how we did it but spoilers - nearly twice as much work done per person, halved cycle time and 20% reduction in bugs... 😲

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At @manastech@twitter.com we have a dedicated team working on @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com, and we’re looking for a Community Manager who can help us grow and unleash the potential of Crystal’s contributors, users and fans. If curious, DM me or read more at manas.tech/join/
If you're not 🙏 🔁

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Crystal is getting even better and fast. If you’re considering a new language and want an upgrade on Ruby and Python ⬇️ twitter.com/crystallanguage/st

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