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If anyone is looking for a job, the @railsconf@twitter.com job board was pretty full. Zoom in and contact some awesome companies!

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Did you know that provides a way to comment database columns?

This is particularly useful for documenting columns that cannot be easily backfilled.

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GitHub is adding some fancy blockquotes to markdown previews (documents, issues, PRs, discussions, etc.)

Markdown / Preview

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It's just a teaser, but...@BrightAppSec@twitter.com @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com based CLI, reporting application security vulnerabilities back up to the @newrelic@twitter.com dashboard, and into the Errors Inbox where they can be readily prioritized, managed, and resolved.

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When you are not sure what the code does but assume it must be important so you just leave it

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I found out about a Postgres extension this morning called AGE (Apache Graph Extension?) for graph data using @openCypher@twitter.com. Then this evening I wrote a driver for it in @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com


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Doing a little more testing before cutting a release, but distributed tracing is now nominally working with Crystal Open Telemetry, and HTTP::Client Instrumentation has been written for it.

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Using @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com ? Using @luckyframework@twitter.com ?

We are cooking something awesome

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pog - A faster npm run & npx

It's inspired by egoist's "dum" but written in Crystal instead of Rust.

Trying to optimize it - for even a 1 ms gain - was really fun!

(Don't take the following benchmarks too seriously)


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The top three browsers nowadays are derived from KHTML and KJS.

So most people are surfing with a modernized Konqueror browser.
But these browsers are still less open and trustworthy than their "grandfather". ๐Ÿ™„

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We tried.

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It's so easy to test UI responsiveness with system tests in @rails@twitter.com

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Et pour finir la journรฉe... ๐Ÿฅ @SiegfriedEhret@twitter.com avec un talk sur @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com !

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Ma derniรจre session avant le meet&greet ๐Ÿป : @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ”ฎ avec @SiegfriedEhret@twitter.com ๐Ÿ˜ป

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Using @luckyframework@twitter.com ? have you tried the new --with-sec-test command?

Check out the built-in security unit tests auto-generated with @BrightAppSec@twitter.com's SecTester!

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Crystal Language OpenTelemetry. Errors are now being properly marked as such within spans, so all of the relevant automatic magic now works. @CrystalLanguage@twitter.com @opentelemetry@twitter.com

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