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these soviet endgame studies have some of the wildest positions ive ever seen. look at this position. black wins easily right? wrong. white can play to a draw.

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So remember when I was saying Zoom is a privacy and security train wreck? Apparently, that was an understatement:

“Zoom has ‘rolled their own’ encryption scheme [with] significant weaknesses … [and transmits] meeting encryption keys through China.”

Via @ScottMortimer

DragonRuby is sponsoring and is giving away free licenses to Game Toolkit. The hackathon starts in 5 days.

It's not an unhealthy "stay up all night" type of hackathon and you'll have almost two weeks to build your game. Please boost!

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Yes, that's an eye-tracker. And yes, the game hot loaded my changes. And yes I'm using Emacs in a TMUX with vim bindings.

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I'll be streaming on Twitch in ~3 hours. Building A Link to the Past in DragonRuby Game Toolkit. Anyone that comes to the stream will get a free copy of the engine btw.

I'll commit the code here as I stream. So feel free to clone the repo and code along if you want:

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I'll be streaming on Twitch today in ~two hours. I'll be recreating "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" using DragonRuby Game Toolkit \o/:

Anyone who stops by and participates will get a free license to the engine!


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I've updated Return of Serenity with a more legible font. I've added some sound loops too for atmosphere. Hope you enjoy playing this quick little game:

I've updated the eligibility requirements for getting a free commercial license to DragonRuby Game Toolkit. The income eligibility has been relaxed. And I've added a bullet point for teachers, mentors, parents. You can read it all at

Please boost <3

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shout out to people who know they don't know what they're talking about and shut the fuck up

Vertical Platformer, running in the browser, written in 150 lines of Ruby: Vertical Platformer in 150 lines of Ruby. Running in the browser:

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