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`<<` is henceforth known as the “double-half-boat operator”.

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And with regards to getting good with interactive rebase, it *isn't* about being a good citizen to the rest of the team. It's about protecting *yourself* from production fires at 2 am and attempting to revert a trash commit history. Clean commits are cya above all.

First part of the stream is done. Lots of good stuff covered. This interactive rebase at the end of the stream is on fleek:

Seriously devs, if you don't understand what I'm doing in this video and claim to be a git expert, then you may want to reassess.

Point of view while looking at the bottom monitor. Here you can see the eye tracker and my sweet beloved keyboard:

About to start streaming. I serious about this stuff. Here’s my game dev/streaming setup:

I’ll be streaming game dev on Twitch in ~ an hour. Going to rebuild my Global Game Jam game from scratch, but “perfectly”. Will be using Emacs, TMUX, and a custom game engine I’ve been working on (which is built in C and Ruby). Stop by and say hello. It’d mean a lot:

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@amirrajan I've always wanted an excuse to read through this whole article and apply it:

Maybe you'll find it useful. Good luck either way! 🙂

I need help with geometries of hexagons and calculating the length of sides. Help me google and send me info via chat T_T

Day 2 of Global Game Jam! Come hang out and watch me struggle with a hexgrid layout:

GLOBAL GAME JAM STREAM!! Working on a city builder game. Come hang out:

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Learn to recognize when a discussion is really an argument. The next words out of your mouth should be something along the lines of, "You know... your'e right. You've convinced me."

This works online and in meat space. Once mastered, it is a super power.

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