She fell asleep waiting for me to throw her fishy 😭

@amirrajan What kind of dog? She looks almost exactly like our mini goldendoodle/labradoodle mix, even down to the slight “racing stripe” of darker fur down her back 🙂

@edmistond silver beige poodle (no other mix in her)

she is afraid of boxes, umbrellas, vacuums, air cans, rain, baths, hair dryers, the far left corner tile of the bathroom, and doors that are slightly open.

@amirrajan Ah, ours has the more usual fears like fireworks and hyperactive toddlers :) This is Ruby in her normal state, heckin’ lazy:

@edmistond Rikku loves kids/tolders and stuff. She is super sweet with them. How old is Ruby? Rikku is 2.5.

@amirrajan To be fair, Ruby actually loves kids and tries to drown them via licking, she just doesn’t like when they chase her with noisy push toys. 🙂 She’s not quite 3.5 years old, so she’s pretty much full grown at this point and has mellowed out a little from when she was a puppy. Her name, amusingly enough, has nothing to do with the language even though I have written Ruby code here and there 😉

@edmistond I'm looking forward to when Rikku chills out T_T

Write more Ruby \o/

@amirrajan ...I actually just realized I've missed out on 3 years of "programming Ruby" jokes when it comes to training her.

As for actual Ruby, I haven’t written a ton - worked in a .NET shop that made a transition to being a node.js shop with a smattering of Ruby for some tasks and subsequently got acquired and is now making a transition to being a 100% java shop. I’m... not really convinced this is an improvement. 😉

@edmistond try Clojure! The JVM is a great gateway drug into that language 😄

And yes... You missed out on the Ruby jokes >_<

RE Clojure: Watch Rich Hickey's talks called Simple Made Easy, and another one called Value of Values. Both are fantastic.

@amirrajan Yeah, I've looked at Clojure a little bit and I do find it kind of intriguing, especially combined with Clojurescript/Figwheel... I've thought about trying it on a personal project since I'm unlikely to get them to agree to use it on anything at work.

Unfortunately, I also have a hard time coming up with good ideas for side projects. :(

@amirrajan Thanks for that link - there's a bunch of good resources there, some of which I've seen previously when I've made abortive attempts at Clojure. Maybe this'll be a good excuse to pull out emacs and try it again... assuming I don't get bogged down yak shaving on my emacs configuration ;)

@edmistond I do a whole rant about the state of JavaScript and common rebuttals in the ReadMe. Grooming your init.el is life ❤️.

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