Probably will stream today game dev with Ruby and C. ETA ~2 hours.

I'm live!! Trolling with my C# shirt on. Working on A Dark Room for the Switch using C and mRuby. Ask me anything that is not under NDA :-D.

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Got kind of emotional. I'm porting over a line of code that hasn't been changed for nearly 5 years:

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I can't remember the last time I burned the midnight oil like this. I lost myself in building out the mobile adaptation. I couldn't sleep.

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Stream all done. That's enough feels for one day.

RE: mRuby: The `Regex` class isn't supported out of the box (which I'm okay with). It was just surprising. `start_with?` is available though.

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@amirrajan thank you for doing a coding livestream! I feel we need more of this in the community! :)

@nickschwaderer more to come 😃

It's so much better if there are people hanging out, a lot of serendipitous moments.

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