Dear Ruby devs and game devs. I have a crazy announcement I want to share. Please boost.

Last week I released A Dark Room to the Nintendo Switch. Within the game, I also shipped a Ruby interpreter and a code editor as an Easter Egg.

*This Easter Egg effectively turns every consumer spec-ed Nintendo Switch into a Ruby Machine.*

1. Download A Dark Room from the US/EU.
2. Connect a USB keyboard and press the “~” key.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

@amirrajan this is going to get pulled off the eshop by nintendo the second they hear about it

@phoenix @amirrajan He already mentioned in the comments that he tested it thoroughly

@john @amirrajan still doesn't change the fact that he broke his agreement with nintendo, not even mentioning all the mruby rces out there

@phoenix @john and literally Also. Like... do you want to be right? Do you want this taken down? What do you gain from that? Go build cool things with it, maybe teach a kid how to code, and stop with the doom and gloom 🤷‍♂️

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