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TFW no one recognizes you from pre transition until they say something stupid and you make the same silly face.

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a company giving away a product 

Today we stopped charging for some six years of Web programming educational content. (Mostly #ruby.)

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I'm going to put commas wherever I damn well feel like. You're not my real dad, Rubocop.

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I need everyone in tech and especially in tech media to stop misleadingly and credulously calling machine learning technology "AI". Nobody has invented AI. Nothing on the market is AI. Not Siri, not Watson, not anything. It does not exist.

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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“NASA Has Discovered Arctic Lakes Bubbling With Methane—and That’s Very Bad News”


Niggle, maybe just me 

Is anyone else here bothered by the way we seem to conflate 'Ruby' and 'Rails'? I mean, as Ruby or Rails developers, should we really know the difference?

This week in revelations that make me feel smart and stupid at the same time: Ohmigod Partial Doubles are amazing.
Seriously, why don't we learn Partial Doubles as the first part of mocking -- after all, they are simpler and way more useful -- and full doubles as a special case?


Has anyone else tried Crystal? I'm quite impressed by it. If they can get multi-threading and cross compilation to Windows working, there's two things right there that might make it a Ruby-killer.

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How many ActiveRecord developers do you need to screw in a lightbulb? 


This is kind of embarrasing: A Mastodon issue where they've managed to break Rails' database migration.
(It says it's closed, but people are still unable to upgrade because of it. Oooops.)

@veer66 I use Sinatra and I sort of use Sequel (I do _not_ get on with Sequel models at all and actually ended up making my own abstraction layer, so my Sequel use is kind of at-a-distance)

I suspect that this is going to sound really basic, but I've just this last week properly had the light bulb go on over my head re: Partial Doubles. Oh my gods. Less coupling, and suddenly a bunch more ways to test my code that I didn't have before.
I may never use a straight mock again...

👋 Hi, I'll be an Andy. I'm a Ruby programmer who's lucky enough to do that for a living, partly. But I fell in love with Ruby at 1.8.6, long before anyone was crazy enough to ask me to do it at work.
I've been an Openedge programmer for about thirty years -- but I don't want to talk about that that!
I live somewhere near Manchester, UK.

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