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"Anyone up? I have a tweet to laugh at (sorry not sorry)"

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Not getting very far so far with the music hobby. I keep getting stuck. Also, depressed. So I thought: fuck it. The other day I had lashed together my Keystep and my tiny NTS-1 synth and was noodling around, so I decided to recreate and record that. Done. Sounds okay. Chords next. I'd originally assumed I'd only be able to make ambient. And I know how to do that now, probably? And this is ambient and the stuff I'm stuck on is not. So.
Just going to keep laying stuff over it until I'm happy.

Writing prompt: "looking for lunch in all the wrong places".

Huh. When did Sony start making minidisc recorders again?

Wow, Pfizer *does* kind hit you a bit harder than the average vaccine, doesn't it? My arm feels like it's been punched hard, and I really don't feel like moving…

The new album, Jordan Lake Sessions 3 & 4, is certainly making my Friday :)

…aaand I've got crude cargo cult Python that sends a midi note to my synth! Success!

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Okay so the pyenv install quietly went south and I had to do the environment changes myself, which wasn't made easier by the instructions being some sort of half arsed awk script instead of "here's what you need to add". But I've got an environment and I got pip to install the library I want. Now I just have to write some code…

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Does anyone have any good resources for Rubyist trying Python? I've found pyenv, a port of rbenv, which is nice.
(But I can't get anything to work… not a good start)

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Boosts appreciated

I was wondering, how many people here on the #fediverse/people using #FLOSS stuff still use #WhatsApp ?
Because I noticed it is pretty hard to date without it🤣, and it makes me sad that real private messengers are so unknown to other people.

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We're now onto the Wombles, and dear gods but Batt has an amazing talent for pastiche. Take _From Wimbledon With Love_ -- it's a perfect take on a Bond Theme. If you have a memory for the music of the era, he does an amazing pisstake of Rick Wakeman's _Journey to the Centre of t_e Earth_, too… :D

Wondering if I could write an LV2 plugin (music effects) in . I certainly couldn't manage it in C, which is what all the tutorials do. There don't appear to be any wrappers. I'm sure it's doable; Crystal is made for wrapping C. But this is not my comfort zone. OTOH I don't have any brilliant ideas for plugins that don't exist…

Bought my wife a Mike Batt compilation album for her birthday. Possibly only UK readers will recognise the name, and they will be thinking either Katie Melua or The Wombles. Both of these are fine acts but there are a couple of tracks here from an abandoned SF musical, Zero Zero, which honestly I'm now rather sad never got made. Very English, really good music. Think Blood Brothers meets 1984.

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