It's been a while since I've drawn people, so how about Red? Meet Red the Human.

@james - gets a callout in the talk at about 1:30 :)

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Want to experience the lemurs and learn Ruby like you've never learned it before? My talk, "Reducing Enumerable - An Illustrated Adventure", is now live!

Learn about reduce and functional programming from a merry band of cartoon lemurs.

Really, all technical talks would be improved by colorful impressions of lemur voices like @baweaver 's.

New stream on procs, blocks, and lambdas -

Some more audio issues, set to mono so that should be fixed now.

Streamed a short segment on (the evil version of) destructuring in Ruby:

If I were to start live coding, what topics would you all be interested in?

Likely going to start on showing how Qo works and how it's built.

I've had people ask me before: "What's with the lemurs?". I decided to finally share that story in its entirety.

Deep in the forests, past the creeks and into the mist you might just find Chartreuse working on a special brew. The Lemurs and I will see you all at RubyConf!

I really enjoy destructuring, so much in fact that I found a way to make Ruby do it too!

One of these days I should consider streaming a coding session. What types of topics would people be interested in seeing?

I may start with hacking around Qo or libraries like it, and how they're evolving.

Started a "Let's Read!" series for Eloquent Ruby -

I'll be taking notes and commenting on updated parts of the language since the books original publication in 2011.

I made Hesh. Hesh is fun, but it'll be more fun later once I get more bad ideas.

Translated the "Understanding Transducers in Javascript" article into Ruby:

Enjoy! @roman01la did a great job writing the original.

I swear I get inordinately proud whenever I manage to get some trivial bit of residential wiring to work and it powers on.

Submitted to RubyConf AU, here's to hoping! :D

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