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If you're unsure about the mainstream media's role in normalizing and enabling fascism, the responses to Italy electing an outright fascist from a party that traces it's lineage to Mussolini makes it clear. Thread. 🧵

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C is for people who like to pretend they are in full control of a computer more than they like being productive.

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Ever notice how rare v3 apis are compared to v2? And I don't think I've ever seen "api/v4/..." In a url

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You know all those "accept cookies" pop-ups you get?

In Europe there's generally a "reject all" option, and ... when you click it ... the damndest thing happens:

The websites still work.

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I love to see people helping others get into tech

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Two years ago I wrote a series to help LGBTQ+ people and/or furries get into tech

The guiding principle of this effort was "zero prior experience needed, for as close to $0 as possible"

If you're curious about tech work, give it a read


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sick pet 

A year ago my dog had a seizure. The vet asked for a recording to help make a diagnosis.

Today @google@twitter.com put together a fun slide show of pet pictures and right in the middle was that video of her seizure.

I was not prepared for that 😥

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It’s amazing how much less miserable and depressed we’d all be if we just guaranteed everyone a 1 bedroom apartment.

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Automatic subtitles transcribed ADHD as Ed E Cheese, and I just think that's neat

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Did you ever deploy to a free Heroku app following an online tutorial like Hartl’s Rails Tutorial? If so, retweet or reply.

I’m trying to prove a point to someone.

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Tank Girl says it best.

I’m not going to settle for “that’s the way things are.” Just because I can’t change the whole world doesn’t mean I can’t encourage people to do better.

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I will never forgive this country for teaching me that the Nazis burned books but never telling me what books they burned.

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Wow thanks brain:

"That brief joyful moment was only good because it didn't last long enough for you to ruin it"

V health, v adjusted, 10/10, will intrusively think again

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England should just take this opportunity to abolish the monarchy. Just close up shop, send all the royals on their way.

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Okay so the weirdest thing for me is everyone trying to disassociate a head of state from the actions of that state.

Nope. You don’t get to do that. If they don’t hold responsibility then why do they get the benefits?

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Today is a reminder of how things like ‘decorum’ help white supremacy be cultural-not just systemic.

Decorum will silence people from telling the truth because it’s “impolite.”

Meanwhile, it’s not impolite to ask the colonized to mourn the chief symbol of their colonization?

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in order for me to recognize Prince Charles as King Charles I'll first require 2 letters from different psychiatrists who have been treating his king status for over a year if not more, stating that he is indeed a king and that it isn't a fetish or a fad or him faking it

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I would have agreed with this before all the streaming services went bad

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Hot take.... You probably don't need gigabit internet at home

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