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if I see anyone out wearing this jacket I’m coming over immediately to give you a hug!! as someone who has mainly worked on digital products until recently, it’s just so thrilling to see.

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I just paid for Signal, which felt like paying for WinRAR

1 Door people: "the problem with schools is that they're not enough like prisons. Controlled entry! Armed guards! Ubiquitous surveillance!"

To be clear this is a bad take.

Kingdom of Loathing is the peak of website design

Some more news: the always recording camera that sends everything to Amazon is a tool of the surveillance state!


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Let the record show that if I ever get killed, I want you to politicize it immediately

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When cars became mainstream in the U.S. people used to think there was NO way to prevent car accidents, that they they were an "act of God," until we started recording statistics and saw Sweden had WAY fewer accidents and started passing traffic laws and designing intersections

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"School shootings are just the cost of freedom" is superstition. It is the intentional, willful act to try and convince oneself that the world's horrible tragedies actually serve some higher purpose in the universe, and that to solve them is not humanity's responsibility

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Reproductive health 

Me researching a vasectomy: haha fuck yeah!! Yes!

Me recovering from a vasectomy: well this fucking sucks, what the fuck

This weekend is full. Pretend you know what I'm doing and tell me what to drop

Dog picture 

This picture is v. important please review the cutest dog (mine). Her name is Poppy

Mastadon cross posting broke the reference to @seejohnrun@twitter.com for those who wanted to track him or his talk

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ME WRITING BACKEND CODE: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!

ME HAVING TO WRITE FRONTEND CODE FOR THE BACKEND: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.

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Good talk by @seejohnrun@twitter.com showing a technique I call "making the right thing easy". It would be nice if we could eliminate N+1 queries by just making them harder to write than better performing queries

Excellent talk by Andy Croll called The Mrs. Triggs Problem about the ways women who pioneered technology have been sidelined and removed fromm historical accounts.


Ok so I need a personal domain I can use for email and blogs and stuff. Do people have opinions on what services to use?

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