Thanks to Mastodon I've been learning more about Fediverse & ActivityPub, thinking about what could be done to escape another social network I feel trapped in: (sports)

The main point could be for sports clubs to host their own instance with their activities/events/etc... but in my experience only triathletes are prone to progress/innovation (road & mtb people tend to be quite traditional) so it could not have much acceptance.

Have you found anything sports related on the fediverse?


To clarify about my feelings towards Strava (a Rails app), I despite that instead of going for features for athletes (like TrainingPeaks/Trainerroad/GoldenCheetah...) they turned their game on to the "massive-data-collection" game.

You can get more analytics from your activities from an opensource chrome extension ( than from their interface (even with premium membership)

Nothing to provide a way for clubs to organize, rides to be held, and popular routes to be found..

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