Today the first edition of the TransIberica will see his first winner A self-supported cycling race across iberia (Spain, Portugal and Andorra) with 3.500km & 50.000m climbed (similar numbers to well stablished

Carlos Mazón is almost done, and I'm going to take my bike for some night riding for the first time in 2 years since I stopped doing real endurance cycling (1000km non-stop) to cheer him up, I met him 3 years ago in a similar fashion.


Still 4 more riders are on route: and I can only 😱 thinking the brutal mental effort required, as the body settles into long-distance-effort mode after few days, but the mind with so little sleep goes quite numb and becomes the easiest point of failure.

If car drivers weren't so damm brutal I would go on adventures like this, but just doing a 60km road ride gives you enough reasons to think about only using your mountain bike.

Risks aside, long distance cycling has given me quite some good memories, along with confidence on the mental & physical pain thresholds that someone can sustain, but also about nutrition and sleep needs.

It always remembers me of Fight Club's quote: "After a night in fight club, everything in the real world gets the volume turned down."

9hours and happier than expected 😊. It took 1h averaging 35km/h to catch Carlos because GPS tracker had some lag and we crossed paths without noticing.

So many things to talk about! We rode together (without me drafting him) for about 3h until I realized the way back would be about 100km

But still had some legs to do 30 extra km at low effort to eat cake with another cycling friend 🍰😋... do I cycle because I love eating? or do I eat because I love cycling?

I experienced some "day dreaming" although I wasn't anywhere near the level of sleep depravation that Carlos had (17h riding nonstop on top of the past 9 days)

Its funny how as the brain & body settles into "automatic" mode, so changing gears/standing/tucking/etc... becomes automatic/muscle memory... your thoughts start going all over the place, jumping between topics, like in a dream

This video&song came to my mind and sticked with me for hours to keep the pace stable

@bertocq only problem when this happens is when you encounter something your body has no reflex for and blam.. grandma got run over...

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