I'm back to running on asphalt and trails, just for having fun with my girl and complement winter strength training.

We did Sanabria's 3 stage Trail with incredible landscapes ultrasanabria.es, and now I think its the second most beautiful place I've visited, obviously Asturias is first 😏

It's my 5th come back to running and the best in terms of injuries/blisters/soreness, and it might be because:

- I didn't try new shoes, just used the same models that worked for me last time: Sportiva Ultra Raptor & Asics Nimbus.

- I used custom insoles, because foot soles aren't usually flat and distributing pressure is important. Just 60€

- For the first time in my life I've done some core at the gym for an entire year.

- Running on asphalt I focus on cadence and proper step technique.

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For those geeks that love data, after realizing the huge benefits of powermeter usage on cycling... I tried stryd.com

Surprisingly the numbers are very consistent with the ones from the bike (threshold power with the 3-9 min test).

It might not help much with pacing on irregular trails, but on road or any steady gravel path its really great. Having normalized power is awesome to measure/pace using laps (segments) on long distances, or on a vertical kilometer.

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