Do you know a cli tool/app written in Ruby that makes usage of curses/ncurses? I'm looking for examples to learn by reading/tinkering

Even better if it displays a scrollable list (Pad in ncurses terminology) and a menu, like newsboat does (app in screenshot)

Sometimes Mondays are the best day of the week 😌

I'm back to running on asphalt and trails, just for having fun with my girl and complement winter strength training.

We did Sanabria's 3 stage Trail with incredible landscapes, and now I think its the second most beautiful place I've visited, obviously Asturias is first 😏

Sharing economy? 🐮 The cows are back from the summer vacations at high altitude pastures.

Its the sunniest summer that I remember in Asturias, and since I'm in between jobs and as soon as it starts raining again it might not stop until May ... I'm really enjoying every day on the saddle with great friends!

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