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As the cycling season comes to an end and winter training appears in the horizon... I'm back to trail running.

But also to playing, it gives me extra motivation to walk outside when rain has been pouring for weeks, because I live in a rural area with few portals (and far from my house).

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Did you know that exists?

It's a new project where you can find people in the Fediverse and follow them by topic.

Also, you can request to be included. It's a really cool idea.

If you are new to Mastodon or you are looking for more interesting people to follow, you should check it out.

To clarify about my feelings towards Strava (a Rails app), I despite that instead of going for features for athletes (like TrainingPeaks/Trainerroad/GoldenCheetah...) they turned their game on to the "massive-data-collection" game.

You can get more analytics from your activities from an opensource chrome extension ( than from their interface (even with premium membership)

Nothing to provide a way for clubs to organize, rides to be held, and popular routes to be found..

Thanks to Mastodon I've been learning more about Fediverse & ActivityPub, thinking about what could be done to escape another social network I feel trapped in: (sports)

The main point could be for sports clubs to host their own instance with their activities/events/etc... but in my experience only triathletes are prone to progress/innovation (road & mtb people tend to be quite traditional) so it could not have much acceptance.

Have you found anything sports related on the fediverse?

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Although it's just a mind trick, I feel more secure riding with both front and back cameras (from that act as lights as well), just in case I'm involved in an accident with a vehicle at least I can get proof of what happened.

But the best part is that sometimes I capture nice descents and fun moments like this 😊, or I can just check what happened behind me as I'm usually pushing at the front of the pack/peloton on the flats 🚂💨.

Its the sunniest summer that I remember in Asturias, and since I'm in between jobs and as soon as it starts raining again it might not stop until May ... I'm really enjoying every day on the saddle with great friends!

So to show my support and appreciation to this instance I've joined the patreon that @james set up And will try to get more fellow rubyists to join although not sure yet which strategy to follow apart from just one-to-one talk.

I'm really loving the local timeline mostly about development & Ruby/Rails ❤️.

I wish there was another instance about cycling stuff, but I guess either I do it myself or wait for a critical mass of cycling fanatics to make the switch from Twitter.

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In other news, we've now hit 500 users on!

This is great news, but puts us on a higher tier of costs in our hosting, so since some folk have asked about it... if you'd like to contribute to the running costs, you can now do so via Patreon:

This is absolutely not required, and getting more Rubyists to join is still the best thing you can do to help, but if you'd like to also throw some gold in the chest, now you can 😄

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I think it might be a good to connect folks up with some links from across the :

@mperham - :sidekiq:-trepreneur extraordinaire

@matz - Matz is on Mastodon! Alas not for around 18 months, but maybe we can encourage him back? :ruby:

@eileencodes - :octocat: developer and contributor to Rails

@tom - author of "Understanding Computation" and "Why Are Computers" audio irregular

@judofyr - author of many , and of the great

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Hey @raul ! Earlier you were searching for help to find people to follow at Mastodon, maybe this tool that uses your Twitter & Mastodon accounts as a bridge could help 😉

I earn a living coding websites (backend more than frontend) with Ruby on Rails 💎

Enjoy cycling long distances (road & mountain bike) to stay sane, fit and motivated 🚲

And since a year ago I've found farm life as a third great hobby to find calm, routine and excellent food 😋.

What a great day 😃 Mastodon seems to start getting some traction among my Twitter timeline!! 👏

Thanks to everyone that is doing the "effort" 🤗, I read more than I write at Twitter and for many years I've felt "trapped" to use it.

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