People whose jobs Donald Trump has improved:

1. Historians who used to have a really hard time deciding who to put at the very end of the "worst US Presidents" list.

Can you believe it? Another article, just one week after the last one. I can scarcely believe it myself.

I'm trying a different style of writing for this one, with less code. I'd appreciate any and all feedback on the draft:

Hey fediverse! I’m a ruby + javascript developer with some experience in python, clojure & elixir. I’m looking for a new project to work on this year. If you know of one that I could help with, please toot at me!

Day Toronto has selected a few of their speakers for this February. Shaping up to be a great single track/single day conf

Ruby 2.6 was released yesterday and all the native implementations to Fiber were merged.

Most of my week has been getting lambda functions to play nice with local development. Anyone have a trick to get monorepo funcs working efficiently locally?

‪Spending my week next week hanging out in a chilly Montréal with glossier peeps. Anyone in town and want to hang?

‪Welcome to : 8 vim panes open to edit/war/build an email collection pop up ‬

Literally crying over silly configs. If your whole teams. It on the Docker train, the benefits just aren’t really there

Anyone have an opinion on running linters on ? Good or bad?

These servers are bigger and more performant than what’s on a laptop. Seems natural to throw everything at it.

Interesting how others use their CI

Totally down for these smaller, hyper focused conferences. Been doing them all year and kinda want to go to Elm conf in St Louis

We could use:

* A Rails-savvy architect or senior dev with architecture aspirations
* A technical manager comfy with multiple teams in an agile environment
* Some Vue-experienced UI developers

If any of these are you, feel free to DM me.

Been writing more and more as of late (for a large ). Although not totally in love, there are some fun items in the language. Mainly Object.assign

😭 folk, I imagine that ipV6 is still pretty limited or ‘not available yet’ in v3 and beyond of Docker Compose?

Anyone have some tips when it comes to deploying to ?

are probably in order!

Been in and around or simply in love with the Ruby community since 2007. Spent those years in agencies and startups.

Now focused on making ecom slightly better day by day as well as hopefully bettering folks around me.

Still learning and using Ruby at the heart of it all. Thank you for setting up this wonderful place for us to hang out.

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