I'm quite enjoying this year's remote version of - clever use of Discord gives a good sense of community even with most of the talks being pre-recorded.


Anyone else here "attending"?


@james no, I didn’t want to stretch the budget for a remote conference. I miss it though, and people seem enthusiastic about it.

I’ve never liked Discord because it feels chaotic to me (well, that and the login experience). It sounds like it’s being used to good effect here, though. Care to share a little about that?

@brian_kephart it's definitely chaotic, but mostly due to the number of people (~800).

Each session has its own channel for discussing the talk and Q&As; all the sponsors also have their own channels too, and are hosting interesting discussions about their product or job openings.

And everyone is also free to create birds-of-feather channels (e.g. "activejob-and-beyond", "crystal", "neurodiversity") and they all seem fairly active

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