Some cool news about Gitea federation with Mastodon:

While it's highly unlikely that Bridgetown would migrate off of GitHub, maybe there's an opportunity to create a federated mirror so you'd get notifications of pushes, branches, etc?

It's release day! Say hello to Bridgetown 1.1 "Belmont" (beta)

I18n, Lit (w/SSG+SSR) components, Inspectors, and Sass in esbuild: What’s new for Bridgetown as we head into Q3 2022.

Anyone attending RailsConf in Portland this year? @jaredwhite will be in attendance, so if you'd like to chat about Bridgetown or anything Ruby or webdev-related in general, look him up! 👋

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We were still learning about the security issue for rubygems when yet another vulnerability was discovered: CVE-2022-29218

This time Maciel also got another excellent piece of Impact Analysis:

But big Mensfeld didn't stop there, he actually created a tool (a gem in the whole extent of the word) to help you figure out if your bundle was compromised:

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Crossing our fingers we'll have a beta release of Bridgetown 1.1 ready to roll next week, just in time for Bridgetown Bash during RailsConf! 🤞

It's only fitting that Bridgetown, which is open source, have a presence on, which uses an open sourse platform written in Ruby (Mastodon :mastodon:). Rubies all the way down! :ruby: 😁

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