Looking for recommendations for a web site / gallery that I can set up for a family member -- ideally on cheap shared hosting, something minimalistic but user friendly.

Obviously is an option. It will be low-traffic but WP just seems heavyweight for this use case. I'm not too familiar with what else is out there.

Please boost :)

RESULTS -- Thanks for the suggestions! What made the most sense for this use case seemed to be:
* to host an easily user-editable home page
* to run a gallery separately on the site

I wanted to get away from WP but this way allows for a simple WP layout and Piwigo as dedicated gallery software. It's also cheap hosting friendly and editable by a power-user who isn't a sysadmin or programmer.

@HorlogeSkynet That looks great! And I hadn't heard of it before, so thanks for sharing!

@byron maybe which hopefully lands soon would be a good fit, I'm looking forwards to it

@dch I thought about Pixelfed... wasn't sure it was the right fit, in terms of wanting to create a single portfolio type site rather than emphasis on a means of sharing each photo as it's posted.

But I could be wrong. I'm excited about in any case.

@byron the recommendation for lychee looks pretty amazing.

@byron I highly recommend #Piwigo It's easy to setup and maintain. Just like WordPress. And full of features.

@byron have you found something so far? You could have a look at any static gallery generator, with that you can push the generated file to any webspace hoster out there. No cgi or dynamic content needed there.

@ckeen A few of the options look good. Still playing.

It’s for someone else so I’m trying to find an option that doesn’t make them depend on me. I don’t mind helping but I think it’s important to have autonomy.

Personally I have one site I manage via markdown plus bash, Perl and ruby scripts I custom wrote. But what works for me isn’t the best option for most people.

@byron Agreed! Are they tech savy enough to use something like winscp (assuming they use windows) to transfer static files to a webhoster or are you looking for something with a gui/webinterface?

Mediagoblin could also be an option...

@byron has a really, really fair price for their HTML themes. If you're setting it up for someone else then it really depends on how much they want to get their hands dirty.

Some of the the themes also come as Jekyll themes making them easy to work with. Otherwise you need to be able to handle copying and pasting little blocks of HTML. is an example of what a site with one of those themes looks like, though it's been built as a golang service.

@jeffalyanak Thanks. The person in question you might call a power user but not programmer; but it's also a question of how much time they want to invest so I'm erring on the side of easy.

Also, I'm kind of amazed and happy to see phreak themed sites still around, celebrating old world telephony...

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