Hi everyone!
I'm a freelance ror/js developer living in the mountains of Colorado.

After living in Denver for years, my biggest struggle is keeping in touch with other developers.

I'm hoping to make some connections here.

Anyone working on a project where they'd like to pair?

@coloradobum I do presentations for my local meetup from time to time that require me to code something up.

For example:

Does that interest you?

@phaedryx Conway's Game of Life, nice. I've heard of this game, but have never played it. Yes, this would be fun.

@coloradobum Maybe. I'm self-taught and have no experience pairing, so it would would be a learning experience for me.

BTW, I lived along the CO front range for about 8 years, in the Ft. Collins/Loveland area. I don't know the mountains well, but I've been a few places. Where are you now?

@brian_kephart Cloud9 is an option or any screen-sharing app works.

Fort Fun, great place!. I live on the western slope between vail and aspen.

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