breaks the analogue audio on my Helix 2nd Gen when in tablet only mode. grrr


can you please tag your news posts with a tag such as so i can filter them to a different stream, otherwise the large number of them overwhelm my stream. thx

The Case Against Tablets

As I hunt for new computing hardware, I’m coming to the conclusion that tablets are simply a mistake. And yes, strongly informed by using one as a primary device for 5 years.

An ultra-light laptop has better utility and vastly superior privacy.

The one killer function, reading documents, seems better served by an e-book reader. ...

I'm exploring this question on Diaspora, with some good suggestions. Upshot is that tablets do most things poorly and virtually nothing well. And the landscape fully sucks.

Text reading and possibly notetaking is the major exception. And for that, an e-ink reader is the preferred option.

I'm surveying what uses people have, multi-response, with a goal more of completeness than representation. Please explain "Other".

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with imminent arrival of bullseye the t60p now has on via in place sources.list change. Only 1 gotcha in that i had to add gcc-8-base after update but before full-upgrade

@dekkzz78 W/ the macros? I think you could have something like

#+macro xxx @@latex:...@@@@html:...@@

which'd do the same thing for multiple backends, or different org files you #+include which define the same macro but for different backends:
#+macro xxx @@html...
#+macro xxx @@latex...

Some sort of polymorphism there.

Macros are generic org mode feature, not directly related to backends (see "(org) Macro Replacement").

spent some time getting & working along with

@peter testing testing - just a trial or are you moving?

Ox-hugo users::

I did some very brief testing of ox-hugo with the latest Hugo v0.60.1 (which uses the Commonmark parser Goldmark instead of the old and unmaintained Black Friday), and it seems like everything Just Works (TM) as before you if add this to your site's config.toml:

unsafe = true

See for details.

Please boost this!

#orgMode #Emacs #oxHugo


Q about the Debugger
the gopher package from melpa crashes and after activating the debugger-on-error the first line has an error but the 2nd line is the function gnus-group-change-level. Is this function the one that caused the error or last one to successfully run?

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