@dekkzz78 W/ the macros? I think you could have something like

#+macro xxx @@latex:...@@@@html:...@@

which'd do the same thing for multiple backends, or different org files you #+include which define the same macro but for different backends:

#+macro xxx @@html...

#+macro xxx @@latex...

Some sort of polymorphism there.

Macros are generic org mode feature, not directly related to backends (see "(org) Macro Replacement").

spent some time getting & working along with news.gmane.io

@peter testing testing - just a trial or are you moving?

Ox-hugo users::

I did some very brief testing of ox-hugo with the latest Hugo v0.60.1 (which uses the Commonmark parser Goldmark instead of the old and unmaintained Black Friday), and it seems like everything Just Works (TM) as before you if add this to your site's config.toml:

unsafe = true

See gohugo.io/news/0.60.0-relnotes for details.

Please boost this!

#orgMode #Emacs #oxHugo


Q about the Debugger
the gopher package from melpa crashes and after activating the debugger-on-error the first line has an error but the 2nd line is the function gnus-group-change-level. Is this function the one that caused the error or last one to successfully run?

Another business having issues monetising off the free work of others, time to move away from not just over their treatment of the mod involved but in their treatment of ignoring ad fingerprinting & other issues listed here.


was meh, OK plot but Ruby Rose can't carry the role other than the fighting.

Episode 5 was best so far this season... Rachel is starting to be a problem.

For beginners: Any general purpose language that has a decent sized eco-system that allows you to find examples or help.

Most hated Language: Visual Basic - everyone is a programmer that uses 500mb to say hello world

Programming language used Most: RAPID a version of C++ for robots

Most Difficult language: C++ OOP done wrong..... memory management grrr

First Language: Sinclair BASIC - starting with hello world the typing in games from listings in magazines

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