Day 2 of migration mainly was me breaking then fixing the missing system tray feature and tweaking
While i like the new reddit UI just going back to old "original" UI dropped over 500MB from the store as i switched over.
Just transparency left to tinker with........

Just moved from Openbox to JWM WM on my Bookworm installation. Just initial tinkering with JWM and losing as much memory use as i can and playing around with zswap and 2 swap files.

Open question, why did emacs need and thus create the variant of ?


nice Ivanova quote, i remember the sleeping in trick Sheridan & Garibaldi pulled off on her. B5 is the best, bes interesting to see what JMS comes up with the new show in the b5 universe.

shropshire doesn't like boris, how do u lose 23,000 majority - be bent as boris and patel.

For all you freaks out there, see what's come for repairing any of Tim Cook's gear in the future as hold you to ransom.

Better get those right to repair laws done and dusted.

My TP Yoga 260 has an elantech Trackpoint & it's been momentarily freezing now and then. Passing pmouse.elantech_smbus=0 as a kernel parameter seems to be the fix.

bullseye also runs the 5.10 LTS kernel which now correctly runs the Intel SST sound modules re-written for Haswell & Broadwell after i raised my first ever FOSS bug #896822.

My new refurb Yoga 260 has Bullseye power. Changed the sources.list & 1404 files later Buster is now Bullseye

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