yeah you wish ;) all i have to to get your teeth gnashing is say

clydesdale bank customer service ;)

they maybe 30years old but 103/4 reference speakers still do the business


here is the |MIT thread that Stallman was participating in re MIT/Epstein that he made the comments

@gcupc must be having a bad day - can't see that or i'm just thick lol

ok full error is

gnus-group-make-group: Wrong type argument: consp, nil

and is something to do with ~/newsrc.eld

what's the best way to debug an addon that errors out with

Wrong type argument: consp, nil

in this case its gopher package from melpa.

maybe mandate 2FA for any access to your production code including auditing subbies.

Time to check the security status of all you use and update

Yet another found with malicious code due a dev acct being hacked. Wake up call for not just Ruby but all devs to secure their accts

@dick_turpin on another subject do you see companies using 2FA keys/smartcards actively?

Finally bought a key so i can keep on using & $mutt with gmail. Pity uses a different more open protocol so much so i have had to install chromium just to activate the key.

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