@purism you would be wise to merge !4 in your GitLab instance


Not doing so would be a fools errand on the ActivityPub network.

Block lists do NOT work.

Ever self-hosted an e-mail server and had a bad actor submit your domain to a block list? How hard was it to be removed from said list once you were part of it? Were all of the other servers using that list ever updated to remove your entry once it was discovered and the problem rectified?

Think about that scenario long and hard, especially in the context of NON CORPORATE admins and actors who don't have the time, capacity or desire to fight with a block list removal because they were targeted by a bad actor.

Farscape also had the highest Muppet quotient of any on air sf show. Clearly the choice of the connoisseur.

@remotenemesis @purism it looks like the Librem Social app is forcefully re-adding it’s own instance as default even after I purposefully removed it from the list.

Not honoring user configuration is anti-user behavior. Deleting immediately. Who knows what else they’re willing to do on my hardware, directly opposing my consent.

Any recommendations on the simplest way to blog from orgmode?

How do you orgmode, is it -Mode or -Mode or -mode. Even ?

Time to ask anyone use Tasjuggler on here? What's the best way to search the mastodon-verse not just your local instance?

Please boost 👆.

A simple tap/click of a button is an easy way to show support for an indie game dev that *really* cares about the medium. I'd mean a lot to me.

does anyone still use diary mode any more? orhave you all moved over to org-mode?

@james is ruby.social set up to connect/federate with contacts from friendica?

wow is there a divergent view of hashes within ;) lots to read

For the first time in quite a while, I wrote a non-conference-talk-transcript blog post! I wanted to share a little about the text editor I’ve been using, and gather a few things together that I wish I’d known when I picked it up.

Getting Started with Spacemacs: interblah.net/getting-started-

My blog post just hit the front page of Hacker News!

...and my server promptly choked and died from the traffic spike. 🙃

@dreena i created a new diaspora acct and will see how it goes in comparison to fb which i closed in april.

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