This is not an All-in-One PC

Just been offered some of these by a supplier. Tsk! Sales people aye? They'll sell you any old tat other than what you asked for.

@dekkzz78 Nope, I would demonstrate how you have either made the wrong selection or that your choice was not what you really needed. The skill is doing it in such a way that you think it was originally your idea. This is why women make such good sales people as any wife will tell you. 🤣


@dick_turpin good luck with that - if your offer doesnt meet my specification - your binned

@dekkzz78 That's why I wouldn't sell to you. Why waste time selling to a PITA when I can sell in less time to two or three customers. 😛

Seriously, the second you got arsey I'd walk away. I wish more sales people would do that.

@dick_turpin i don't get arsey - you don't good relationships that way - when i ask for a quote you get a spec of what i want - i do my research talking to suppliers/integrators beforehand & given that the IT stuff integrates with automated lines/robots the spec is king - plus i control my project budgets so price isn't always my prime objective - i need the kit plus a supplier who will support the stuff.

@dekkzz78 I get the feeling you'd be hard to work with. While people who "Know what they are doing" can be a bonus in some cases they tend to be far too much trouble for the small margins as they will want to dominate the situation for the very reason of: "I know what I'm talking about." These are the same people who put their qualifications on email signatures the idea being you're supposed to be in awe and accept the contents because someone with that amount of Bsc, phd etc. can't be wrong 🤣

@dick_turpin i know what you mean but my e-mail just says


my use case is very niche, i'm not buying IT commodity stuff perse, it has to run for 10 years plus often on shopfloors in pretty poor conditions

i stick to my spec, but before it's issued i've usually talked to potential suppliers so the "this might be better" gets sorted before hand.

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