@nebunez designed to work with pavucontrol apparently - but pipewire is broken on debian 11 afaik. need to wait till newer versions hit backports.

@solene interesting - i use my x32 thinkpad and that's pentium single core. like you guys it does ok on most stuff apart from the internet which it just stops on a normal browser.

@kensanata perl now theres one for the older coders, any advantages of using perl for the job?

@kensanata any updated package thats you have noticed as being a big improvement?

@halfbyte thx for explanation my biggest issue is fixation of using address bar to search , oh and removal of rss.

@halfbyte pity, i get impression under current leadership out of touch with customers & has been for a while. maybe reducing exec row headcount & pay might help.

re tabs what metaphor, not a ui person here

@halfbyte sadly they have never been over resourced and the recent headcount cuts have meant unless its causing pain to them directly it won't get fixed by them quickly. btw is webrender 11 yrs old, i thought it was servo tech - maybe 4-5 yrs old

personally i like the tabs but then i'm in tablet mode a lot of the time.

@livestradamus mixed race couples in the UK and US commonly get different house prices depending on which member deals with the realtor

@MadestMadness @WammKD literate programming using org-babel for a host of langs, Knuth would be smiling.

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