New post, this one covers the basics of working with the command line. This is one of those everyday developer skills that doesn't necessarily get covered in "learn to code" intro courses despite being completely crucial.

Just published a second post, this one goes over Big O notation basics. Includes some very simple examples. Thinking this topic might warrant a second deep dive post later on.

Starting to write up some blog posts on generally useful programming topics. Partially to try to solidify my own knowledge - it's tough to write about a subject you only have a fuzzy understanding of. Hopefully it will be useful to someone else down the line as well!

First one is a intro, feedback welcome:

Working on a based library for the first time, finding the concise guides at to be incredibly useful. Definitely recommended if you're looking for a whirlwind intro to a language without any fluff.

I love the project - a designer illustrated a bunch of use cases for tech projects to be used however people see fit. It even has a color toggle to adjust the illustrations to a particular color scheme.

Are there similar projects out there? I'd love to use and support designers contributing to #freesoftware / #freeculture


DuckDuckGo will use Apple Maps for local searches on the web

Initially this appears to benefit DuckDuckGo more than Apple, due to the fact that you already have to be using DDG in order to utilize this feature. It’s not the kind of earth-shattering news that Apple switching the search default in iOS from Google to DDG would be. However, I feel like this is simply the opening statement of a much deeper collaboration.

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