Made a sign for the Tetris tournament at

(Join us at the Metalab dome today!)

If you like playing old video games and are at , join us for a Tetris Tournament at the @metalab! Dome at 18:00!

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Seeing a buch of kids sitting on the floor to watch a Yim Berners-Lee talk is pretty magical I have to say.

Looks like I‘ll just follow all the mastodon people at 😅

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Yes! My library here in Berlin now added a bunch of o‘reilly books to overdrive <3. The libby app now got more awesome than it already was to me. If you don’t have an library card in Berlin: it’s just 10€ a year and includes access with thousands of great books.

I‘ll be heading to London for tomorrow, anyone else around here going there?

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The longest part of a 10+ hour transatlantic journey: Waiting for the luggage at Berlin's "airport".

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Hi, I'm the admin of OpenStreetBrowser
If you have any questions, please ask!

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