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Noch ein Rezept für euch für die @PrivacyWeek #pw20online: Danke an @emi für das Rezept und die Fotos zu den leckeren Kürbis Pommes!

Gameboys! Tetris! Competition!

If you are in Leipzig for and find these things enjoyable join us today at 18:00 in the !@metalab Dome in Hall 3 for a Gameboy Tetris tournament and win a fabulous price!

(Batteries, Gameboys and the original Tetris will be provided.)

Will be taking one last round of portraits at starting at 14:00 until 16:00!
Find us next to the palm tree with the unicorn!

(Next to where the !@metalab dome used to stand.)

Also I'll be making portraits at next to the !@metalab dome with the Modestly Huge Camera starting today at around 15:00!

By popular demand: Join us again on Saturday at 18:00 in the !@metalab Dome for another round of the Tetris Tournament!

Wiki: events.ccc.de/camp/2019/wiki/S

Made a sign for the Tetris tournament at

(Join us at the Metalab dome today!)

If you like playing old video games and are at , join us for a Tetris Tournament at the @metalab! Dome at 18:00!

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Seeing a buch of kids sitting on the floor to watch a Yim Berners-Lee talk is pretty magical I have to say.

Looks like I‘ll just follow all the mastodon people at 😅

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Yes! My library here in Berlin now added a bunch of o‘reilly books to overdrive <3. The libby app now got more awesome than it already was to me. If you don’t have an library card in Berlin: it’s just 10€ a year and includes overdrive.com access with thousands of great books.

I‘ll be heading to London for tomorrow, anyone else around here going there?

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The longest part of a 10+ hour transatlantic journey: Waiting for the luggage at Berlin's "airport".

@judofyr yes! It’s a bit strange to deal with typing in ruby. If you use rails it’s also kind of an odd endpoint. But pretty easy to get going actually!

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