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I'm a ruby developer that typically works with data, queues, schemas, csv and json.

Recently I got involved on projects related to SAML/SSO, encryption, security, certificates and all that jazz, that was a big leap on my career.

Been rubyist the last 4 years. Same time I've been also an US immigrant, so if you ever need it, then se habla español.

Currently based on San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

AppSignal: To concern or not concern

After 6 years of using Rails I'm still not sold of use concerns to simplify mixins.
Surely has their use cases but there's definitely better ways: containers, dependency injection, abstractions, or even plain modules.

"It's a concern when you start using Rails' concerns"

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I'm looking for a Video Editor #OSS.
Which one do you recommend?


New live coding of with track: Matrix

This was particularly nice to do with & memoization

You may not be aware of this, but there's a lot of coordinated efforts to a better documentation of Ruby core classes & the standard library.

People like Burdette Lamar, Eric Holden (drbrain) and others has been nailing it going method by method doing a better docs.

Today Jeremy Evans proposed a "Method Documentation Guide" for this:

It's really nice to see this happening, if you are privilege enough to help, please do. The ruby ecosystem need your help.

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Me, the genius: I think I'll use asdf-vm in this old RaspberryPi
Me, the genius, a few minutes later, realizing it would take more than 20 minutes the `asdf install Ruby 2.7.1`

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Next time you think your data is not valuable remember these images.
This is what I can track in my local network. Nice graphs and metadata I got without any fancy nor expensive technology: around $0 since it's produced by my EdgeRoute X & PiHole.
Imagine this kind of data aggregated by your ISP or "no logger ever" VPN provider.

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Not sure how developers can sleep having code like this:

return input.scan(/^\d*/) && $&.to_s

So, the reader/maintainers should read it says:

> Return the prefix of the string consistent of only numbers, otherwise an empty string. Note: no empty spaces allowed at the beginning of the input.

Yes, I do #hateRegex

Not sure how I got into this, if you can help will be highly appreciated.

I'm trying to Boost of a toot I did in other mastodon instance, but through the clients (web and @Fedilab) , but I'm not seeing this toot on that profile:

Is it related to this instance or the Fostodon instance?

What I see is an outdated list of toots shown in the image.


cc @james

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I released openapi_first 0.12 yesterday. It’s a framework of Ruby / Rack middlewares that helps you to implement your API based on . It’s inspired by committee and connexion (python). Please check it out and give feedback

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From time to time developers create error messages that are curious and scary.

This is from Octopi, a GUI front-end to pacman, the package manager:

[aborted]: Suspicious execution method

the explanation is buried on their website:

>That’s because you need to run Octopi, Octopi-Notifier and Octopi-CacheCleaner using their full path commands: “/usr/bin/octopi”, “/usr/bin/octopi-notifier” and “/usr/bin/octopi-cachecleaner”.


Yesterday I did an streaming about CS Fundamentals with TDD approach (test first, code later).

-- Binary Tree #1 (insertion)

I was using , and my old friends and

It's far from perfect, but hope it helps.

2020-01-19 - Late hacking session with Standard Library

This session covers Oct 2019 to Jan 2020 changes on Standard Library gems.

I added a Privacy page to my website:

Privacy (and security) is something I do really care and would love everybody else join the effort to protect ourselves.

It's highly inspired on what @kev did for his own privacy page.

Your opinion is important, let me know if you have any questions about it :)

I was not able to find any reference on the webs... So I'm asking here:

Why do you prefer to use

array = []

Instead of


Is it just for the sake of be sure to have an empty array and avoid a possible error? as in

NoMethodError (undefined method `clear' for nil:NilClass)

If you know the array variable is an Array type, do you still avoid the `clear` method?

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