looks like uploaded images are not being processed . It's some restriction/issue with the instance, @james ?

@esparta shouldn’t be a restriction. Is the problem still happening for you?

@james tried with Firefox 63.0.3 & Tor 8.0.3. But as long as I can tell the browser should not be a problem here, should be?

@esparta if you’re able to try it either with a different browser and/or not Tor that’s certainly help debug it…


@james Firefox with HTTPS Everywhere plugin disabled.
... and also works ...
So looks like a client-side issue, probably asking for a endpoint without secure layer :S

@esparta sorry to hear that you're still having issues, but glad it's not something wrong with ruby.social itself! @mastohost -- any ideas?

@james everything happens via https, so don’t believe that is the reason maybe some incompatibility with Mastodon, serious doubts that it’s on my end. If you could test on another Mastodon instance to see if the same happens that would clear it @esparta

@mastohost @james I did run another set of test.
Same computer, different network, different mastodon instance, same browsers and configs.


on @mastodon.cloud I can upload when I disable HTTPS Everywhere, on ruby.social only with Firefox or Chrome, no option to use Tor.

@esparta that’s great, thanks. so if we ignore Tor, is the same situation, the issue is with HTTPS Everywhere, right?


@mastohost @james it looks like HTTP Everywhere is the issue here.

At some point if I retry the same file it does upload the image. Like this one. The second and subsequent tries it does upload consistently ok.
This is with Firefox HTTP Everywhere enabled (3rd try)

@esparta yep, it sounds like it, thanks for sharing in case someone else reports a similar behavior I can have that in mind :) @james

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