Add Earnup to the list of "VC-backed companies that should die in a fire."

@MikeG1 never heard about them before...
do you have a reference of what are they doing?
Seeing their website seems like I got and idea, but would be nice to know for sure.

@esparta Long story short: they bought Equity Accelerator, who used to process payments for my mortgage. Earnup continued to take money from my checking account, but neglected the part of the transaction where they were supposed to send it to the mortgage company. So, they earned interest on my money, and put my house in peril.


@MikeG1 ohhh god, M-F*ckers!
is that even legal?

@esparta Probably not but they're VC-backed so they can afford better lawyers than I can.

@MikeG1 well, that's awful. Not sure if can do something about it.
Let me know if I can help somehow.

@esparta Thanks, but we got it sorted. A bit of annoyance but fortunately my mortgage company itself employs human beings and offers a real service. As distinct from 99% of the VC-backed "disruptors" out there who employ rapacious scum and offer a way to remove value from the system.

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