Not sure how I got into this, if you can help will be highly appreciated.

I'm trying to Boost of a toot I did in other mastodon instance, but through the clients (web and @Fedilab) , but I'm not seeing this toot on that profile:

Is it related to this instance or the Fostodon instance?

What I see is an outdated list of toots shown in the image.


cc @james

@esparta so I understand properly:

1. what's the URL of the toot you were boosting?
2. what's the URL of the account you used to boost it?
3. whats the URL of the account that you expected to see the boosted tweet on?

@james looks like it fix itself days after I toot about it.
The other account was @esparta and I was not able to see the posts from there.

Thank you.

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