It's time for here where I'm currently with all these wonderful people.

Having Xavier Noria as the Opening Keynote Speaker instead of that other guy is way, way better!

Why is Xavier's keynote better?
Simple: He insists on featuring the community effort instead of making a D*H#H show.
As s proof, a few slides I was able to take where he features the work of Mattewd, Rafael França, Dylan Thacker-Smith & Richard Schneeman work.

... Xavier Noria continued for almost the whole Keynote thanking everyone who was open to helping him with Zeitwerk because at the end it was a big support for the whole ruby community - not only Rails. Here Sam Saffron, Martin Schurig & Jean Boussier


@porras acabo de platicar con Xavier aprox. 30 minutos. Efectivamente es una gran persona - nunca había tenido interacción directa con él, ni personal ni en OSS.

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